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Backpack Coilgun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon coilgun.png
Killicon coilgun charged.png
Basic Information
Used by Engineer
Slot Secondary
Ammo loaded 8
Ammo carried 16
Loadout Stats

The Coilgun


Alt-Fire: Charge up for more damage

Fully charged shots either bounce or explode in your hand when charged for too long

The Coilgun is an alternative secondary weapon for Engineer. It's a sleek laser pistol with a glass window revealing an energy coil inside.

Though a relic of the past, the Coilgun still proves to be a helpful tool in the Engineer's arsenal. Unlike the pistol, the Coil gun is an energy weapon that fires laser projectiles, on contact they deal a consistent 25 damage no matter the distance of the target. By holding the alternate fire button a user can charge up the Coilgun's next shot and upon letting go it's fired off with more force, the more a shot is charged the more accurate it becomes and the more damage it deals, a fully charged shot can deal 70 damage at any distance.

The Coilgun's charged shot also allows the user ricochet the beam off walls, once the beam starts to ricochet it will bounce off 3 other surfaces until it burns out, however the shot will only do 60 points of damage. It's worth noting that charging the gun for too long will result in the weapon overcharging, causing it to explode. When the Coilgun explodes the user takes 45 damage and is knocked into the air, this can however be used for increased mobility if a jump or crouch jump is timed right as the gun overcharges.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill with blindcoilricochet.png Texan Predictability Kill an enemy you can't see with a ricocheted Coilgun shot.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Бобинен пистолет Coilgun
Spanish Bobiductor Coilductor
English Coilgun -
French Pistolet à induction Induction Gun
German Spulenpistole Coilgun
Italian Pistola a bombina Coilgun
Brazilian Portuguese Pistola Espiral Coilgun
Romanian Pistol de lazere Laser Gun
Russian Пушка Гаусса Gauss Gun


  • The Coilgun is loosely based off of the Railgun from Team Fortress Classic. That game's version did not have a ricochet function.