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Backpack Fishwhacker.png
Kill Icons
Killicon fishwhacker.png
Basic Information
Used by Sniper
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats



On Hit: Bleed for 2 seconds

100% critical hit vs bleeding players

On Miss: Mark yourself for death for 3s

No random critical hits

Hold 'er steady, mate. She tends to throw splinters.

The Fishwhacker is a melee weapon for the Sniper. It's an old wooden fish priest that's damaged enough around the top to cause splinters, it's fitted with a leather grip and wrist belt for stable carrying.

The Fishwhacker acts as a close range risk/reward option, on one side it will deal the standard 65 points of damage and will cause an opponent to bleed, upon hitting any bleeding opponent the Fishwhaker will consistently crit and deal 195 points of damage. However on the other side, if the user were to miss their swing entirely they will be marked for death for 3 seconds, along with that the weapon will never gain a random critical hit.

Update history

  • Added the Fishwhacker


  • Reworked the Fishwhacker
    • Swings slower
    • Causes concussional bleeding on hit for 2s
    • Crits on bleeding enemies
    • Marked for death whilst holding the Fishwhacker
    • Updated Viewmodel animations to all be overhanded
    • Uses new impact sounds


  • Removed -20% slower fire rate
  • Replaced "Marked for Death while active" with "On Miss: Marked for Death for 3s"
  • Updated its Description and item-type
  • Added particles on impact to add to the new description

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Рибарникът Fisherman
Spanish Machacapeces Fishwhacker
English Fishwhacker -
French Matraque à poisson Fish Baton
German Fischknüppel Fish Baton
Italian Bacchetta di pesce Fish Baton
Brazilian Portuguese Mata-peixes Fish Killer
Romanian Vânător de pește Fish Hunter
Russian Рыбодробилка Fishwhacker


  • The Fishwhacker is actually what's known as a "fish priest", a tool commonly used to kill fish as soon as they are caught, the name "Priest" comes from the notion of giving a fish their "last rites".
  • Team Fortress 2 Classic's model of the Fishwhacker is based on both concept art and an untextured model found within the retail files of Team Fortress 2.
  • Unlike Team Fortress 2 Classic, the Fishwhacker was originally meant to be Snipers stock melee weapon during the development of TF2, despite it's exclusion the Kukri is still referred to as a "club" in the games code.