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Backpack Minigun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon minigun.png
Basic Information
Used by Heavy
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 200
Reload type No Reload
Loadout Stats



"Sasha's voice cries out when there are men to kill."

The Minigun is the stock primary weapon for the Heavy. It is an enormous Gatling-style machine gun with a large rotating barrel, complete with a large white underslung ammunition case and two handles.

This weapon has to spun up before firing as well as after firing. Players can begin to spin-up the barrels by holding alt-fire where it will not begin to fire until primary fire is pressed. While spun up, the Heavy cannot jump or switch weapons, his speed is reduced he and cannot move at all while crouching.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Картечница Machine Gun
Spanish Ametralladora Machine Gun
English Minigun -
French Minigun -
German Minigun -
Italian Mitargliatrice pesante Heavy Machine Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Metralhadora Giratória Rotating Machine Gun
Romanian Minigun -
Russian Пулемёт Machine Gun