Pelican Peak

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Pelican Peak
Ctf pelican peak.jpg
Basic Information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_pelican_peak_tf2c
Release date 2022
Developer(s) Another Bad Pun
Map info
Environment Alpine Forest
Setting Daylight, dusk

Pelican Peak is a community-created Capture the Flag map.

Pelican Peak is a Capture the Flag map with helical design and a spaciously large intel area!

Creator's description

“In the remote mountains of Pelican Peak, no secret, no sentry, no briefcase is safe…”

Update history

  • Added map photos (thank you @Kube and @Kaia)
  • Fixed some clipping oversights


  • Small fixes and adjustments
  • 3D skybox detailing


  • Dropdown in the intel side-room has been removed
  • Pickup adjustments
  • Tank added to sewers
  • Flag settings changed
    • Shotclock mode enabled
    • 30 seconds return time


  • Teams no longer respawn on flag capture
  • Underground route now has more stairs
  • Pickup adjustments
  • Trains!


  • Release Candidate!


  • Adjusted pickups
  • Fixed small asymmetries on the map
  • Heavier optization
  • Adjusted 3D skybox trees
  • Fixed players spawning inside each other at round start
  • Misc.


  • Fixed bugs
  • OOB areas
  • Modified pickups
  • Soundscapes


  • Closed off some routes


  • New mid-route leads to battlements
  • Adjusted spawnwaves
  • Changed pickups
  • Map is now brighter overall
  • Detailing changes that will (hopefully) aid player navigation


  • Brightened lighting of indoor and outdoor areas
  • Adjusted spawntimes
  • Sewer no longer connects directly to middle
  • Removed one-way door
  • Glassed some mid windows
  • Misc detailing


  • The sewer route which leads directly to the Intel is now a one-way door and cannot be re-entered once exited.
  • New spec cams
  • Misc Changes


  • According to Another Bad Pun, Pelican Peak likely takes place in the US state of Washington.
  • A winter-themed version of Pelican Peak, ‘Penguin Peak’, also exists. It can be found here.