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Backpack Sandvich.png
Basic Information
Used by Heavy
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Sandvich

Lunch Box

Eat to regain up to 120 health.

Alt-fire: Share a Sandvich with a friend (Medium Health Kit)

The Sandvich, also known as the Sandvich Edible Device, is a secondary weapon for the Heavy. It's a triangle shaped half of a sandwich consisting of bread, ham, bologna, swiss cheese, lettuce and sliced tomato's, all topped off with a green pimento-stuffed olive pinned to the meal with a toothpick.

Upon consuming the Sandvich it will gradually replenish 120 health points but forces the player into a loud eating animation where they see the Heavy munching it down in third person, this is because the Sandvich eating animation counts as a taunt, because of that it cannot be eaten mid air or underwater. The Sandvich, unlike it's Team Fortress 2 counterpart can be eaten over and over to no end without the need to recharge it, when thrown it acts as a medium health pack that can aid any players including opponents, when thrown the Sandvich will take 30 seconds to recharge in the users inventory, once recharged they are given another Sandvich to use.

Update history

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Сандвичът Sandwich
Spanish Focata Sandvich
English Sandvich -
French Sandvich -
German Sandvich -
Italian Sandvich -
Brazilian Portuguese Sandviche Sandvich
Romanian Sandvich -
Russian Бутерброд Sandwich