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Vip harbor.webp
Basic Information
Map type VIP
File name vip_harbor
Release date July 4, 2020 (Death & Taxes)
Developer(s) Current Team Member Suo
Former Team Member Gadget
Former Team Member Hutty
Former Team Member Drudlyclean the Skeledude
Map info
Environment Urban
Setting Evening

The city's not all too different from the desert: you're still fighting through grimy, derelict buildings on a dead-end industrial site, a few miles away from anyplace worth actually living in. Escort the Civilian through all three points to his luxury car, and don't be afraid to get messy; the murder rate really can't get any higher.

Death & Taxes update page

Blackstone Harbor, also known as just Harbor, is an official VIP map, set in an urban city environment surrounded by skyscrapers, leading into a shipping harbor. The goal of BLU team is to escort the VIP to the three Control Points, while the goal of RED team is to prevent the VIP from capturing. Each time the VIP is killed, 30 seconds are removed from the available round time, and the killer gains 5 seconds of critical hits.

Harbor was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on July 4, 2020, in the Death & Taxes update.



Harbor Overview.webp

Point A

RED team starts at a forward spawn between Point A and Point B, while BLU team starts in an initial spawn area with three different paths. Two paths are elevated above the main road, while the third path is seated in a tunnel with a steep road. The exterior has multiple cars and crates blocking the way, as well as a square building overlooking the rest. There are numerous routes to get to the Control Point, including two side rooms with health and ammo. When Point A is captured, the shutter doors to Point B are opened, BLU gains a forward spawn at Point A and a second resupply where RED's initial spawn was, and RED's spawn is pushed back to Point C.

Point B

Point B uses a cramped tunnel to connect between two large exteriors. There is also a side route right next to the Control Point, featuring either a window or a door for the VIP to funnel through. When Point B is captured, shutter doors open up an additional route to Point C, and BLU's forward spawn is placed where RED's initial spawn was.

Point C

A much larger connector offers three routes to Point C, each a large distance away from each other, each choked by multiple shutter doors. There are two battlements overlooking the point: one which RED team has easy access to, and another which BLU team has easy access to. Capturing Point C wins the game, and reveals the VIP's car situated in a long and dark tunnel.

Update history

  • Added vip_harbor


  • Fixed a bug where RED's respawn time was shorter than BLU's respawn time, after capturing B
  • Updated the respawn time after B's capture to be 10 seconds for RED, and 2 seconds for BLU
  • Changed some models


  • Shrunk RED's window on Capture Point C's building
  • Removed some props to open up the play-space
  • Adjusted the Nobuild on the shed in front of First RED Spawn to only be on the roof
  • Adjusted some Item Pickups
  • Added a Small Medkit near Capture Point C's upper flank route
  • Improved the visuals of the maps lighting a bit
  • Fixed the water cubemaps


  • Changed setup time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Updated clipping
  • Blocked the window from last point upper area
  • Added pallet near the last RED spawn area, allowing players to get up easier from lower area
  • Increased brightness in dark areas
  • Increased additional time after capturing points
  • First point time increased to 3 minutes (from 2)
  • Second point time increased to 4 minutes (from 2)
  • Small optimization changes


  • The map's layout before the first control point is loosely based on the layout of the Team Fortress Classic map Hunted.