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Banner used to tease VIP mode.
Control Point in Mineside, where the VIP escapes through his personal transport.

The Civilian has no combat training, is four-feet-ten on a good day, won't appear anywhere except VIP mode, and wouldn't even staff his Northampton horse ranch with filth like you, but by God, can he capture points.

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VIP is a game mode involving a player designated as the VIP, who can only play as the exclusive Civilian class, a class designed to be very weak, who's role is to focus on the objectives in the maps he's available in. This includes capturing control points, using a device to open up the last control point, and racing towards the last point in one life. Typically, the BLU team will be focusing on aiding the VIP in completing these objectives, while the RED team is focused on preventing him until the timer has been reached. Usually, upon the death of the VIP, time gets removed from the timer, which allows the RED team to win faster. The VIP has special abilities himself that supports his team, including a defense boost for teammates near him, and his Umbrella that grants mini-crits on friendly targets.


The following is a list of official VIP maps:


Achievement Description
Tf2c win civilian nodeaths.png The Entrepreneur Win a round of VIP as the Civilian without dying once.
Tf2c heal civilian.png Loyal Servant Accumulate 5000 points from healing the Civilian.
Tf2c dominate civilian.png Restraining Order Violation Dominate the Civilian within a round of VIP.
Tf2c play game vipmaps 1.png On The Run! Play a complete game on these VIP maps.
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction As a Spy, kill the Civilian using the boost given by him.


  • VIP mode is based on the "Hunted" map from Team Fortress Classic. The game concept eventually evolved into Payload.