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When using the Flame Thrower, pressing the alternate fire button will use 20 ammo to release a massive cone of compressed air, which is also referred to as an "airblast". This cone deals no damage, but forcibly pushes back enemies (but not buildings), launching them in the air, the angle at which the airblast is used does not affect velocity in any way. The airblast can be fired once every 0.75 seconds, including underwater, trapping any enemy that simply cannot kill the Pyro. The airblast isn't powerful enough to offset the effects of gravity, so an enemy cannot be kept in the air indefinitely. However, airblasts from multiple Pyros will increase the velocity against an enemy. In addition, the airblast will reflect (most) enemy projectiles towards where the user is aiming, the most important of such being rockets and grenades. If reflected, the projectile will (usually) deal mini-crit damage against enemy targets, and if the projectile (or the Pyro) was crit boosted, then that projectile will also be crit-boosted. When a Pyro kills an enemy with a projectile belonging to their team, a unique kill icon will appear, and the Pyro will receive kill credit. As a final bonus, the airblast will extinguish teammates who are on fire - hopefully before they burn to death while staring right at you.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement extinguish bomblets.png Birthday Blowout Extinguish 20 Dynamite Pack sticks by airblasting them.


  • Even though Compression blast is the official name, the source code still refers to it as airblast.