Rocket Launcher

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Rocket Launcher
Backpack Rocket Launcher.png
Kill Icons
Killicon tf projectile rocket.png
Killicon deflect rocket.png
Basic Information
Used by Soldier
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 4
Ammo carried 20
Loadout Stats

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

"The perfect weapon for the perfect Soldier!"

The Rocket Launcher is the stock primary weapon of the Soldier. It is a stylized rocket launcher with an exaggerated frame, a metal chassis with a front sight and sling loop, and wooden grips and shoulder rest.

The Rocket Launcher has a four-rocket clip, launching them one at a time as projectiles with large damage, splash radius, and knockback, exploding whenever they meet a surface or enemy. The rockets themselves are quite slow, and so a reliable way to damage enemies is to aim at the ground and catch them in the splash radius, even when the radius decreases in damage over distance. Even so, the rockets will deal their maximum damage when directly impacting an enemy. Critical rockets are especially destructive to anyone unlucky enough to meet with them, dealing a massive 270 damage across their radius. If the user shoots directly under an enemy's feet, they may propel the enemy directly upwards, allowing for an easy direct hit - or failing that, a Shotgun blast. The Rocket Launcher reloads slightly faster on subsequent reloads, meaning users are encouraged to reload multiple rockets at once.

The user will also take knockback and damage from their own rockets. However, this allows for an innovative technique called "rocket jumping", whereby the user crouches, jumps, and shoots below their feet in order to reach speeds and heights not otherwise possible. This allows for quickly traversing maps, including areas that are unreachable by other classes. As a bonus, the Soldier takes 60% less damage from his own rockets while in the air. However, this does not apply to explosions where he is on the ground, or any explosion where he damages an enemy, even if he is jumping away. The endless nuances of rocket jump mechanics have created a subculture of players who practice and exhibit rocket jumps outside the main game, leading to developments such as "jump maps", where users may learn, develop, and showcase these techniques.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Explosive
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Salute
Maximum ramp-up 125% 112
Base damage 100% 90
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 48
Critical 270
Mini-crit 122
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 151
Bullet count 1
Minimum splash 50% 146 HU
Damage reduction 1% / 2.88
Self-damage 27-89
Self-damage (rocket jump) 27-46
Loaded 4
Carried 20
Reload type Single
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
First reload 0.92 s
Further reloads 0.8 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Ракетомет Rocket Launcher
Spanish Lanzacohetes Rocket Launcher
English Rocket Launcher -
French Lance-roquettes Rocket Launcher
German Raketenwerfer Rocket Launcher
Italian Lanciarazzi Rocket Launcher
Brazilian Portuguese Lança-foguetes Rocket Launcher
Romanian Lansator de rachete Rocket Launcher
Russian Ракетомёт Rocket Launcher
Ukrainian Ракетомет Rocket Launcher

Update history

  • Updated Rockets, Arrows, Syringes and Flares to pass through Teammates. (tf2c_projectile_ally_collide 1 to re-enable)


  • Prior to a 2008 update, the Rocket Launcher in Live Team Fortress 2 had 36 total rockets instead of 20. In TF2C, using the console command tf2c_rocketlauncher_oldmaxammo 1 on your own server will enable this original count.