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Arena lumberyard.webp
Basic Information
Map type Arena
File name arena_lumberyard
Release date July 4, 2020 (Death & Taxes)
Developer(s) Valve
Map info
Environment Alpine
Setting Day

Lumberyard is an official Arena map, set in an alpine lumberyard, where battles take place around a lumber facility and its outside yard, all within mountains lumbering over yards away. The map is slightly asymmetrical, with different props around the sides for each team. The point in the middle becomes available after 60 seconds.

Lumberyard was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on July 4, 2020, in the Death & Taxes update. It was created by Valve, and was prior added to Team Fortress 2 on August 19, 2008.



Lumberyard Overview.webp


Each team spawns in a large interior, where the shutters are closed until the round starts. They have a wide exterior outside their spawn, which goes into the thinner middle areas. There are also stairs leading to a bridge that leads to a room that leads to above the Control Point.


The exterior has different sides. One side has a log above a death pit and two small shacks. The other has an asymmetrical shack that is closer to BLU. The Control Point is in the middle shack, with two windows above it. The two shutters leading to the point don't open until 60 seconds have passed, although the windows remain open.

Update history

  • Added arena_lumberyard