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Arena is a game mode where the teams battle to be the last one standing. When a player dies, they are unable to respawn and must wait until the the next round to play again. A team wins by being the last one to have living players, or by capturing a central control point which is activated after one minute of time passes.


Arena as a game mode is designed to work with each of the nine classes' unique abilities to fight in a confined environment that can play towards their class design. Facing off in such arena maps will require players to strategize with their teammates and play against the enemy team's weaknesses and strengths, of which is entirely dependent on the team makeup of each team as well as the skill of each individual player. In Team Fortress 2 Classic, the Arena game mode is much more concise in strategy with the small-yet-unique subset of weapons, utility, and quality of life changes. This allows for Arena to be played much more frequently in regards to player sentiment towards Arena, as in "Live TF2" (a designated name for the original Team Fortress 2) does not regularly cycle through Arena maps in comparison.

Team Fortress 2 Classic offers a unique spin on the Arena game mode with it's four-team version of Arena, most prominently Flask being a popular map choice for it's symmetrical four-team design and being an iconic spearhead in the Death & Taxes day 3 update where four-team was first introduced as a unique game mode to Team Fortress 2 Classic.


The following is a list of official Arena maps:

Four-Team Arena

Update history

  • Killed players now drop health pickups that can only be used by their killer's team
  • If a team gets eliminated, any remaining health pickups they own become neutral