End of Linux Client support

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As announced in a previous blog post, update 2.1.3 will mark the end of Linux client support. We will instead pivot towards supporting Proton (also known as Steam Play), Valve's compatibility layer for Windows games running on Linux, and focus on fixing any bugs that manifest with it. Proton's Vulkan-based backend renderer, DXVK, should have better performance and fewer issues for Linux users.

This wiki page serves as a guide on how to migrate to Proton to continue playing.

Important note for Proton users

We have shipped some visual fixes regarding font rendering on Proton. However, this may break support for some custom HUDs. For backwards compatibility, you may run the game using the -defaultscheme launch option.

Enabling Proton

Step 1

Locate Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer in your Steam library, right-click, and go to Properties


Step 2

Select the Compatibility tab, and enable Steam Play. Select Proton 8.0-4.

Sdk2013 2.png