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TF2 Classic Wiki is capable of handling multilingual content very similarly to the TF2 Wiki.

Currently, because of the very small number of active contributors, it isn't expected for every pages to be translated and maintained.

How to translate a page

Follow these steps to translate a new page:

  1. Go to the page you wish to translate and click "Edit" (or "View source"). Select and copy the entirety of its code.
  2. Navigate to the new language by adding /xx to the end of the article, where xx is replaced with the ISO639-1 code of the language you wish to translate to.
  3. Paste the code of the English page.
  4. Place {{DISPLAYTITLE:abcxyz}} at the very top of the page to translate the page's title.
    • For example, {{DISPLAYTITLE:Instalación}} will properly change the page name to Instalación while keeping the URL be Installation/es.
    • Do not add more than one new line, or else there'll be awkward padding at the top of the page.
  5. You can start translating the page!
    • Whenever possible, refer to the in-game translations and localization files for any official translated terms.
  6. Change every single links and categories to properly link to the right place.
    • If there is a link to [[Troubleshooting]] while translating the page, you'd want to add a pipe character [[Troubleshooting/fr|Dépannage]] to make the link redirect to the translated page while showing the page's translated title: Dépannage
    • If there's already a pipe character [[Troubleshooting|click here]], just translate what's after it: [[Troubleshooting/fr|cliquez ici]]
    • If there is a link to a section [[Troubleshooting#See also]], you'd want to change what's after the number sign to properly link to the existing section of the linked translated page: [[Troubleshooting/fr#Voir aussi]]
    • If there's an interwiki link [[tf:Scattergun]] or [[wikipedia:Wall]], if possible please change it to link to the translated version of the page: [[tf:Scattergun/fr]] or [[wikipedia:fr:Mur]]
    • If there's an external link [ Example page], you'd want to translate the text of the link: [ Page d'exemple]
      • If possible, look for an officially translated version of the linked page, and place that there instead.
      • If it's a link to the official TF2 Classic Discord, please add a mention that it is English-only.
    • If there is a category [[Category:Gamemodes]], you'd just want to add the language code in there: [[Category:Gamemodes/de]]

This procedure is identical to the procedure of translating a page on the TF2 Wiki.

If done correctly, the translated page should automatically show up on the sidebar. See TF2Classic Wiki:Language test to see it in action.

List of supported languages

The wiki supports every languages that Steam and the Source Engine supports. However, only a fraction have an official translation for TF2 Classic. It is advised to not translate any pages to a language which TF2 Classic hasn't been translated to. If that's the case, and if you feel like it, you can apply to translate TF2 Classic to your language by asking nicely on our official Discord server.

Wiki language code English name Steam language code
English english
ar (Unsupported by Source) Arabic arabic
bg Bulgarian bulgarian
cs (No translation in TF2 Classic) Czech czech
da (No translation in TF2 Classic) Danish danish
de German german
el Greek greek
es Spanish spanish
es-419 (Unsupported by Mediawiki) Latin American Spanish latam
fi (No translation in TF2 Classic) Finnish finnish
fr French french
hu Hungarian hungarian
it Italian italian
ja (No translation in TF2 Classic) Japanese japanese
ko (No translation in TF2 Classic) Korean koreana
nl (No translation in TF2 Classic) Dutch dutch
no (No translation in TF2 Classic) Norwegian norwegian
pl Polish polish
pt (No translation in TF2 Classic) Portuguese portuguese
pt-br Brazilian Portuguese brazilian
ro Romanian romanian
ru Russian russian
sv (No translation in TF2 Classic) Swedish swedish
th (No translation in TF2 Classic) Thai thai
tr Turkish turkish
uk (No translation in TF2 Classic) Ukrainian ukrainian
vi (Unsupported by Source) Vietnamese vietnamese
zh-hans (No translation in TF2 Classic) Simplified Chinese schinese
zh-hant (No translation in TF2 Classic) Traditional Chinese tchinese