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Koth lakeside final.webp
Basic Information
Map type King of the Hill
File name koth_lakeside_final
Release date July 4, 2020 (Death & Taxes)
Developer(s) ElectroSheep
Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Day

Lakeside is an official King of the Hill map with a large, open, and elevated point, overlooked by battlements on each team. It is set around an Egyptian temple, which happens to be situated by a lake's side.

Frigid was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on July 4, 2020, in the Death & Taxes update. It was created by a user named "ElectroSheep". It was prior added to Team Fortress 2 on February 24, 2011.



Lakeside Overview.webp


Each team spawns inside a tomb, which expels into two different paths leading to an additional three. The left path leads to a small tunnel with two health packs. The middle path leads underneath the battlements bridge, directly to center point. The right path offers a ramp to the battlements.


The middle is large and open, with multiple ramps leading to the elevated Control Point. The left side leads to the temple. The right side leads to a covered shelter with a medium health pack. The temple itself contains a large health pack atop a pillar surrounded by deep water.

Update history

  • Added koth_lakeside_final


  • Water sources around the map now use modern custom materials, instead of water_well
  • The fog distance has been slightly tweaked to account for the newer radial fog, revealing some previously-invisible skybox detail
  • The sun angle has been slightly tweaked to allow sun to shine into the water temple
  • Cubemaps in the team spawns and water temple are now parallax-corrected
  • Brush materials inside of the water temple are slightly reflective, for a wet "pseudo-phong" look
  • The sand-tile blend material used in many places now has a proper $blendmodulatetexture
  • The map's stone floor material now has a proper bumpmap (the same one as the concrete floor texture it was derived from)
  • The lightmap scale has been adjusted across the map to make shadows less blobby where it was previously noticeable
  • A few playerclips have been converted to blockbullets where appropriate