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1.6.7 was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on January 19, 2015. It featured a few new additions. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 1.6.6 and before 1.7.0.


  • Added new intro
  • Tranquilizer gun(sic) slowdown effect works now. It expires after 4 seconds.
  • Weapon switching actually is clientside now
  • We're now using the unused Sydney Sleeper dart as the Tranquilizer gun(sic) dart now.
  • Added new movement related cvars

So, a little bit about the new weapon switching system. We're no longet(sic) using the tf2c_* weapon commands, we're now using weaponpreset

weaponpreset takes 2 arguments. The weapon slot and the weapon preset If you're a scout, entering weaponpreset 0 1 would change your primary weapon to a nailgun.(sic)

  • Entering weaponpreset 0 0 would change it back to a scattergun.
  • Entering weaponpreset 1 1 would change your secondary weapon to the SMG.

Of course, we are working on a menu system for this. By the way. I've added a couple of new console variables to control the jumping mechanics in the game.

  • tf2c_bunnyjump_max_speed_factor (default 1.2) can be used to change the Bunnyhop max speed
  • tf2c_autojump (default 0) can be enabled to allow auto jumping while holding the space button down. For now, doublejumping is broken when this is on.
  • tf2c_duckjump (default 0) allows jumping while ducked
  • tf2c_groundspeed_cap (defualt 1) toggles the max speed cap imposed when a player is standing on the ground

I'd like to thank Agent Agrimar for the new intro, Billy2600 for the initial tranq slowdown effect, MrModez Pineapple for working on the new weapon switching system, Chowder908 for the blue dart texture and sndrec for the new cvar suggestions.