Nail Gun

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Nail Gun
Backpack Nail Gun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon nailgun.png
Basic Information
Used by Scout
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 25
Ammo carried 125
Loadout Stats

The Nail Gun

Nail Gun

Construction isn't on this man's agenda!

The Nail Gun is an alternative primary weapon for the Scout. It is a white-and-grey pneumatic nail gun, with a nail belt canister attached to the barrel.

The Nail Gun despite it's non lethal appearance, acts as an alternative to the stock Scattergun, allowing the Scout to trade out their hitscan, burst firing lever action shotgun with an automatic, projectile and clip based weapon. One of the most important factors about the Nail Gun is the actual nails, since they act as projectiles they will not hit an enemy as soon as they are fired and instead travel through the air with an arc, this means that when firing at a moving enemy it's best to shoot in front of which direction they are moving rather than where they are in order to compensate for the travel distance of the nails.

The Nail Gun works best at medium range where the Scout is just out of reach of the opponent to both hit his shots consistently and dodge incoming fire with the Scout's increased mobility. But another important note about the weapon is how it's automatic nature can be utilized. Due to the nails being more effective at range than a Scattergun shot it can sometimes be effective as a way to deter distant opponents or damage a large group by spraying the nails into a crowd of enemies. The nails are also more reliable when it comes to taking out distant Sentry's, as long as the Scout stay outside the guns range you and compensate the nails arc a user can chew through a Sentry.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Пистолет за пирони Nail Gun
Spanish Pistola de Clavos Nail Gun
English Nail Gun -
French Pistolet à clous Nail Gun
German Nagelpistole Nail Gun
Italian Sparachiodi Nail Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma de Pregos Nail Gun
Romanian Armă de cui Nail Weapon
Russian Гвоздемёт Nail Gun


  • The Nail Gun in Team Fortress 2 Classic originated from TFC, It was planned to make a reappearance in Team Fortress 2 but was cut during development.
  • The Nail Gun's model is directly taken from Team Fortress 2's prerelease files.