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Welcome to Team Fortress 2. After 9 Years of development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait. Thanks and have fun!

Gabe Newell

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first-person-shooter developed and published by Valve. It is a sequel to the 1996 Team Fortress Quake mod and its 1999 remake Team Fortress Classic. It was first released in October 2007 as part of the Orange Box, but was released as a standalone title in 2008 for Window, and in 2010 Team Fortress 2 was updated for macOS support. The PC and macOS versions of Team Fortress 2 adopted a "Free to Play" model on June 23, 2011, which allowed anyone to download the game, alebit with limited features such as lack of access to competitive mode. Finally in 2013 it was again released again for Linux support after months of closed beta.

The game was first announced in 1998 as a sequel to the Team Fortress Quake mod, but has been through several periods of development. The game was originally followed a modern war aesthetic, as shown in E3 1999, called Team Fortress 2 Brotherhood of Arms. Design continued, with a Half-life 2 source code leak in 2003 showing what could have been an alien inspired iteration of Team Fortress. Finally after 9 years of development, the final rendition of the game follows that of the original Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic games, and also features a cartoon-like visual style based on the 20th century commerical illustations, as well as art of Dean Cornwell, J. C Leyendecker, and Norman Rockwell. Team Fortress 2 followed a popular trend in CGI films at the time, in particular, films made by Pixar, such as The Incredibles.



In most game modes, there are two teams: BLU and RED. These two teams compete for a combat-based objective, such as capturing intelligence, pushing a cart or capturinga point. Players can choose to play as one of nine character classes in these teams, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and weapon sets. While the classes have been changed from their previous incarnations, the essential elements such as having a single primary, secondary and melee weapon have stayed.

Team Fortress 2 is the first of Valve's multiplayer games to provide detailed statistics for individual players, such as the total amount of time spent playing as each class, most points obtained, and most objectives completed in a single life. Persistent statistics tell the player how they are performing in relation to these statistics, such as if a player comes close to their record for the damage inflicted in a round. Meanwhile mid-game statistics allow players to detail their progress in a round, such as their K/D ratio or how many points they have scored.

Team Fortress 2 also features achievements for carrying out certain tasks, such as playing a map a certain number of times or killing a certain number of players. Sets of class-specific achievements have been added in certain updates, which usually encourage players to try the new weapons or features added. These achievements can award weapons to the player upon completion, however this unlockable system has since been expanded into a random drop system, whereby players can also obtain items simply by playing the game.


Team Fortress 2 like it's predecessors feature 9 unique classes players can choose from. There lineup is divided into 3 sets of 3, those being the offensive classes, defensive classes and support classes.