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Attack / Defense is an asymmetrical variant of Control Points where BLU assumes an offensive role, having to capture all control points in the map to win. RED is on the defensive and must defend their control points until the round-timer runs out. RED cannot recapture points seized by BLU.

Attack / Defense comes in a few variations depending on the map. Linear-style Attack / Defense maps require BLU to capture the control points in a set order. Linear-style maps are comprised of either one or multiple stages, with 2-3 control points on each stage. For maps with multiple stages, BLU must win all stages to win the overall map.

Pyramid-style maps have three control points, with the first two points, A and B, being available for BLU to capture at the start. Point C, the final point, is locked until both A and B are captured.

Centralized-style maps are similar to Linear-style, except that the final point is available at any time. Capturing the final point will win the round regardless of how many other control points have been captured beforehand. However, the more control points BLU has taken, the easier it is for BLU to take the final point.


The following is a list of official Attack / Defense maps:



Medieval Pyramid-style