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Payload is an asymmetrical gamemode where BLU must push a bomb cart, the titular payload, to the end of its tracks. RED must stop BLU from reaching the end and blowing up their base until the round-timer runs out. Along the tracks are checkpoints that, if BLU pushes the cart over, will give them extra time to complete the objective. If RED can keep BLU off the cart for a period of time, the cart will automatically begin to move backwards until BLU can push it again.

Payload maps are comprised of either one or multiple stages. For maps with multiple stages, BLU must win all stages to win the overall map.

Cart mechanics


The cart is pushed by people standing next to it, and the more people there are, the further it gets pushed.

  • Scouts count as 2 people pushing the cart.
  • If a member of the opposing team stands next to the cart, it is blocked until either the opposing player moves away or is killed.
  • Disguised Spies count normally as whichever team they are disguised as: If disguised as an enemy, they block the cart, if disgused as a friendly, they push the cart.
  • However Spies disguised as Scout do not get any bonuses Scout would normally have pushing the cart.
  • Players under the effect of an ÜberCharge from the Medi Gun do not count for nor block the Payload.
  • Once the cart passes over a point on the railroad tracks, it is captured and locked, moving the BLU spawn with it.
  • If the cart is left unattended it stops moving forwards, and after some time starts moving backwards until the previous checkpoint. The cart-pushing team must stand next to it again to get it to move.


The following is a list of official Payload maps: