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The Engineer setting up a teleporter

Teleporters are a type of building that can be constructed by an Engineer using the PDA: Teleporter. While non-functional individually, the construction of both a Teleporter Entrance and a Teleporter Exit activates the buildings and allows players of the same team to teleport between the two. When active, both the Teleporter Entrance and Exit emit a circular glow of their team's color.

The Teleporter Entrance allows for unidirectional teleportation to the Exit. A player of the same team must stand still on the Teleporter for a short time before being teleported, arriving with team-colored particles that persist and leave a short trail behind them as they move. Once a player uses the Teleporter, the building must recharge for a short period before another player can use it. If multiple teammates or the Engineer stand on the Teleporter Entrance at the same time, the player who stepped onto the Teleporter Entrance first will be teleported first, like first-in-first-out queue.

The Teleporter is often a core component to a successful team, as it allows for players to reach the frontline quickly and skip long traversals across the map. The Teleporter can allow for a faster flow of players into the fray or bring teammates to more advantageous positions, so they are also an important target to pursue. A shrewd Engineer can also use the Teleporter to influence teammates through a particular route of the map.


Both the Teleporter Entrance and Exit require 50 metal to build. While carrying and placing Teleporter ends, the Teleporter Entrance blueprint shows a large yellow arrow pointing down to the Entrance while the Teleporter Exit blueprint shows a similar arrow pointing up from the Exit. These are to visually distinct them from each other while placing.

The Teleporter can be upgraded twice, each requiring 200 metal. At each level, the recharge rate of the Teleporter is increased, allowing for more players to go through at a faster rate.


The Spy can use the Teleporter of opposing teams.

Placing a Sapper on either the Teleporter Entrance or Exit will place a Sapper on both the Entrance and Exit.