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Kill Icons
Killicon obj attachment sapper.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Sapper
Loadout Stats



Disables enemy buildings and drains their health, without removing your disguise

"Who left that there?"

The Sapper is the stock sapper for the Spy. By using MOUSE1 while being close to an enemy Engineer's building, the Spy will place a Sapper on the building, causing it to be disabled and start taking damage over time. Be warned that any enemy Engineer can simply just take the sapper off with two swings of his Wrench, which will instantly make the building active again.

Using the Sapper is unique amongst the Spy's weapons since it doesn't remove your disguise on attack.


Base damage 100% 25 / s
Status Effects
Effect Disable
Effect duration 3.6 s
6 s
7.2 s
8.64 s
Function Times
Attack interval Infinite
Activation time Instant
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Саботьор Sapper
Spanish Zapador Sapper
English Sapper -
French Saboteur Sapper
German Sapper -
Italian Sabotatore Sapper
Brazilian Portuguese Sabotador Sapper
Romanian Sapper -
Russian Жучок Bug


  • Team Fortress 2 Classic's Sapper has updated animations that include the Spy flipping a switch on the device as he pulls it out.