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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class spy.png
Type Support
Health 125 (185 with overheal)
Speed 100%

The Spy is a support-class. Using his Invis Watch and Disguise Kit, he infiltrates enemy lines to take out key classes like the Medic or dismantle an Engineer's nest.







As a Spy...

  • …use your knife to backstab enemies from behind, killing them instantly.
  • …disguise yourself as an enemy with your disguise kit. Beware, attacking will remove your disguise.
  • …hit MOUSE2 to cloak and become fully invisible for a short period of time.
  • …try to act like an enemy while disguised. Observe where enemy team members are, and disguise as one of them.
  • …place your electro sappers on enemy sentry guns to destroy them. Disguises aren't lost when placing sappers.
  • …call for enemy Medics by hitting E while disguised.
  • …press Shift to run at normal speed while disguised as slower classes.
  • …use your tranquilizer gun in order to color-blind enemys. Disguises are lost when shooting tranquilizer darts.
  • …use your tranquilizer gun to slow down enemies that may be chasing you. This helps when running away from enemy Pyros.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c inflict tranquilization.png A Fate Worse Than Death Keep an enemy player tranquilized for 10 or more seconds.

VIP achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction Kill the Civilian as the Spy using the Damage Boost given by him.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Шпионин Spy
English Spy -
French Spy -
German Spy -
Italian Spia Spy
Portuguese-Brazil Spy -
Romanian Spy -
Russian Шпион Spy
Spanish-Spain Spy -


  • The Spy in Team Fortress 2 has a slightly faster movement speed (107%) compared to Team Fortress 2 Classic (100%).