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Ctf 2fort bridge ss.png
Basic Information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_2fort
Developer(s) Valve
Map info
Environment Farmland
Setting Daylight, sunny

2Fort is a symmetrical Capture the Flag map.

The map takes place on a contested plot of farmland, and consists of the titular two forts - one owned by each team, facing each other, connected by a roofed bridge over a shared moat, which holds deep water.

Each team's intelligence briefcase is contained in the furthest depths of the spytech bases hiding under each fort. The narrow corridors leading to the briefcase make it a relatively easy objective to defend.

Update history

  • Overhauled the appearance of water across the map


  • Water appearance slightly adjusted to be more clear


  • Slightly adjusted lighting around the map, and fixed some previous lighting errors
  • Updated the basement floors for each team to be properly reflective (after the cubemaps on them were previously broken)
  • Added parallax correction for spawnroom floors across the map


  • Fixed broken color correction in both team's intelligence room


  • Despite the only evidence of animal life being badly-placed wooden cows, there is still audible mooing around the map, which does not bode well for our understanding of bovine physiology.