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2.1.2 was a minor update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, released on September 6, 2023. Its flagship addition was removing DirectX 8.0 and purposefully breaking map creation software. It also featured some rebalances, map updates, shader changes, and bug fixes. The patch notes were released on the official blog.

This update came out after 2.1.1 and before 2.1.3.


Important Changes ​

We have removed support for DirectX 8.0. This effectively breaks support for SDK2013's map compiler tools (vbsp, vvis, vrad). Please consult our wiki guide on how to update your toolset.

HDR is now forced-enabled by default. This should reduce map compile time and file size, as you no longer need to compile LDR cubemaps and lightmaps.

All stock materials have been updated to use newer versions of the LightmappedGeneric, VertexLitGeneric, and WorldVertexTransition shaders from Mapbase. These resolve some previous incompatibilities while adding new features. Custom materials may have rendering issues inside of fog without modifications. Assets can be converted using the Mapbase Multi-Tool.

We have temporarily disabled some optimizations regarding the Attribute Manager, in order to debug some crash related issues. This may negatively affect performance for the time being.

Weapon Changes

Updated the Brick:

  • Increased base damage to 65 (from 50)
  • Overhauled first person animations (Ventrici)
  • Overhauled trail particle (boba)
  • Overhauled impact sounds (Raptor Dan)
  • Projectile trail now gets removed upon collision
  • Fixed projectile colliding with teammates and map brush entities, sometimes causing it to not deal damage to enemies
  • Fixed projectile being deflectable by airblast after impact
  • Fixed missing min-viewmodel offset

Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:

  • Reduced bullet hull size to 6.5HU (from 10HU)
  • Increased base damage to 58 (from 55)
  • Fixed the Heavy's voicelines and expressions not playing while revved and firing

Updated the Sniper Rifle:

  • Updated tracer particle appearance (boba)
  • Extra damage dealt from headshots no longer contributes to the random crit chance bucket

Updated the Revolver

  • Reduced damage penalty against sapped Sentry Guns to -33% (from -66%)

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:

  • Overhauled trail particle appearance (boba)

Updated L'Escampette:(sic)

  • Added +100% cloak regeneration rate (hidden stat)
  • Simplified "+100% cloak consumption rate" and "+100% cloak regeneration rate" to "-50% cloak capacity"
  • Fixed missing phongwarp texture

Gameplay Changes

Updated the Spy:

  • The Spy now has a +20% damage resistance and reduced debuff duration while cloaked

Fixed cases of Flame Thrower flames going through thin walls or floors (Nito)

Added an option that allows projectiles to fire from the center of the screen, like the Original (enabled via tf2c_centerfire_preference, disabled by default)

#239 - Fixed Huntsman fire arrows not applying afterburn on taunt kill

Map Changes

Updated pl_jinn (abp, 14bit):

  • Adjusted scaffolding at A to allow for jump pad shortcuts
  • Increased RED's initial respawn wave time by up to 3 seconds
  • Increased max round time from 10 minutes to 11 minutes
  • Adjusted the position of some ammo and health packs around the last point
  • All modular pipe props (and the potted plant!) now have skins for all teams
  • Fixed lighting issues with some props
  • Brightened lighting on A Point
  • Removed some unused props

Updated dom_krepost (Suomimies55):

  • Added new arrow signs to help players exiting after leaving forward spawns
  • Adjusted cap point model locations to be consistent
  • Fixed missing rock prop around YLW mid and braziers from YLW and RED

Updated vip_badwater (Sniffy194, abp):

  • Added a new exit for BLU team's forward spawn next to B point
  • Added a new pathway that connects RED team's lower and upper spawnrooms on last point
  • Severely reduced the amount of fog present on the skybox
  • Added Parallax Correction to cubemaps in some indoor areas
  • Improved lighting across the map, using light_directional

Updated dom_hydro (Sniffy194, abp):

  • Overhauled lighting across the map, now featuring a new sunset setting, achieved with light_directional
  • Overhauled the appearance of water across the map, now featuring the new WaterFlow shader
  • Added Parallax Correction to cubemaps in some indoor areas
  • Many smaller clipping changes and visual fixes across the map

Updated ctf_2fort (Sniffy194):

  • Overhauled the appearance of water across the map

Added class and team options for env_instructor_hint

Added filter_tf_flagholder entity filter

Added light_directional to the FGD file

Added a handful of new water materials to the new "liquids" folder. These all use real-time reflections, and are based on the new WaterFlow shader. Area9800 liquid materials were created by Arjen de Graaf.

Some Portal 2 models have been selectively added to the game assets where they were deemed generic enough to be useful - see props/techdeco, props/miscdeco, props/utilities, props/floor, and props/railings

Stuffy360's tree packs are now included with the game, and can be found under props/forest

#227 - Fixed arena maps not playing arena class selection music

Shader changes

The default shaders have been overridden with the equivalents from Mapbase. Custom materials should prefix SDK_ to their shaders, such as replacing LightmappedGeneric with SDK_LightmappedGeneric. This can be automated using the Mapbase Multi-Tool.

Radial fog is now globally enabled. This should make fog rendering look much nicer, and behave consistently instead of moving with your view angle

Parallax-corrected cubemaps are now available for cheap, realistic reflections on brush surfaces. See the Valve Developer Community for documentation. This requires our new set of custom map compilers

The WaterFlow shader can now be used on materials. This is an updated version of the default Water shader using newer code from Alien Swarm, which includes all changes from Left 4 Dead 2 (flowmaps, lightmap water fog, skybox-only reflections) and most of the changes from Portal 2 (a basetexture "sludge layer", custom fresnel values). This code was originally backported by DownFall.

$blendmodulatetexture now renders properly in Hammer

$basetexturetransform2 now works properly when using DirectX 9

$phongdisablehalflambert can be used to enable Full-Lambertian lighting on model materials with phong shading

Brush materials can receive phong shading if lit by a projected texture

$treesway should now be functional on SDK_VertexLitGeneric materials

Miscellaneous changes

Added a Spywalk indicator on the Disguise HUD (enabled via tf2c_spywalk_hud, enabled by default)

Added a slider to the video options for controlling the intensity of bloom, with 0 completely disabling it (Azzy)

Added an option to display the backpack icon of the currently active weapon next to the ammo HUD (enabled via tf2c_ammobucket, disabled by default)

Added the beam_effect visuals tag in the item schema, for custom Medi Gun and Flame Thrower particles

Added unique sound scripts for Brick impact, namely Weapon_Brick.ImpactSoft and Weapon_Brick.ImpactHard

Added the Expiration Date soundtrack back to the list of main menu music tracks (boba)

Improved main menu keyboard/gamepad navigation (boba)

Improved bot_teleport console command (angles optional, placed where crosshair is pointing when no position provided)

Updated Death & Taxes achievement icons (Hunter R. Thompson)

Coilgun's charging loop sound can now be customized using sound_special3 in the item schema

Fixed nail and syringe projectiles playing impact sounds when touching friendly buildings

Fixed being able to taunt while having the shield charge condition

Fixed resistance buff condition having a missing particle for GRN and YLW team

Fixed Huntsman not respecting mod_sniper_zoom_while_jumping value

#135 - Fixed top section of the "resume game" button not being clickable (boba)

#154 - Fixed music in the main menu not being affected by the music volume (boba)

#189 - Fixed burning arrows not getting extinguished underwater

#225 - Fixed custom_projectile_model not precaching gibs

#232 - Fixed electrifying crocodiles

Fixed a VPK packing regression that negatively impacted load times

Added 20+ new attributes

Updated medals

Updated the localization files

  • Added Ukrainian translation (panfractal, Coffee Bean)

Added easter egg™