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Ctf casbah.jpg
Basic Information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_casbah
Release date 2009
Developer(s) Tamari
Map info
Environment Industrial
Setting Sunny

Casbah is a community-created Capture the Flag map.

As opposed to most Capture the Flag maps, Casbah is asymmetrical, with visually and functionally unique bases for the two teams.

Creator's description

"BLU Industries houses some of the world's most advanced drilling technology on a mid-ocean clean-up facility. During the course of business, word of the location of these machines was revealed to the RED Corporation. RED forces soon infiltrated and took base on one side of the facility, the BLU Industries not far away."

Update history

  • Fog has settled into the seas, to match the world fog
  • Improved visuals and details across the map
  • Added an extra spawn door for each team's spawn
  • Added detail doors to BLU's intel room entrances, to be consistent with RED base
  • Added cover for BLU side's balcony route
  • Added an extra Resupply Cabinet to each team's spawn
  • Adjusted each spawn point to directly face the exit from spawn
  • Adjusted the windows in front of RED's intel room to close off a window, while also adding a new route to RED intel
  • Adjusted the Windows leading into BLU side to be larger
  • Adjusted clipping to prevent mobility classes from camping up above the battleground
  • Adjusted the Full Ammo and Small Medkit at Mid to be easier to see
  • Adjusted pickups around RED and BLU side to be somewhat consistent
  • Adjusted a few wooden planks to be easier to walk on
  • Replaced a few models at Mid with crates
  • Updated the stairs near BLU side of Mid to be easier to move around
  • Fixed a visual bug when falling beneath the water
  • Fixed up the concrete doorways to prevent players from getting stuck when walking against them
  • Removed the Setup timer
  • Removed a few pickups from each team's Intel room
  • Removed the Fence in RED spawn to allow for better movement
  • Removed a pipe near RED side's entrance, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar near RED spawn, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar in BLU spawn, for the same reason


  • Casbah is a recreation of a Team Fortress Classic map by the same name.
  • A casbah (also spelled "kasbah") is a type of fortress usually found in Northern Africa, commonly used as the citadel or fortified quarter of a city. While the name can fit the original Team Fortress Classic map, the environmental and art style change in the Team Fortress 2 Classic version has made the name completely lose its sense.