DeGroot Keep

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DeGroot Keep
Basic Information
Map type Attack / Defense
File name cp_degrootkeep
Release date 12/17/2010

Map info
Environment Alpine
Setting Daylight, Sunny

DeGroot Keep is an officially designed medieval mode Attack / Defense map and was the first medieval mode map for Team Fortress 2 Classic, followed by Krepost. It was first added to Team Fortress 2 on the 17th of December 2010 and added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on the 4th of July in the Death & Taxes update.

DeGroot Keep is a relatively small Attack / Defense map that takes place in a (supposedly) 10th Century European manor on a forested hill. The surrounding buildings and keep fortifications are built in a medieval European-style. A few torches are spread throughout the map, which allow Huntsman Snipers to light their arrows on fire. The flagship feature of this map is the castle keep which is this map's namesake, DeGroot Keep. The keep is a European style medieval castle made of cobblestone. Walls protect the inner courtyard, which houses the final control point. Defenders can climb up to the ramparts of the keep and defend from there or jump down to more directly engage the attackers.

This map consists of three control points. Control points A and B are to the west and east of the keep itself on either side, and a castle gate blocks the third C. Point C is only accessible by BLU after capturing the first two. A and B, once captured, are locked. After these points have been captured, a music sting will play and the sound of a gate opening will play. BLU will have a limited amount of time to capture the objective. If BLU captures the point in time, they win. If time runs out, the gate closes, and points A and B will return to RED. BLU must recapture A and B to make another attempt at C. This repeats until the round ends.


  • The keep is named after Demoman's family in Team Fortress 2. However, since most TF2 comics are non-canon to TF2C, it is unconfirmed whether this piece of lore is the same.
  • There are a few hints, such as the train tracks in front of BLU spawn and an unused ticket booth in the files, that suggest DeGroot Keep is closer to a tourist attraction or re-enactment than an actual 10th-century keep.