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Ctf landfall.jpg
Basic Information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_landfall
Release date May 3, 2015 (1.9.0)
Developer(s) Dr. Spud
Map info
Environment Alpine Forest
Setting Daylight, sunny

Landfall is a community-created Capture the Flag map.

Landfall was added to Team Fortress 2 on December 17, 2015, during the Tough Break Update. It was previously added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on May 3, 2015, in patch 1.9.0. This is the first instance of Valve adding a map to TF2 that was originally added to TF2 Classic. The second was Pelican Peak, in 2022.

Creator's description

"Beneath an unassuming canopy of trees deep in an unassuming forest, Red and Blu are (assumably) fighting for space. And what better way to halt the other's operations than by stealing their building plans..."

Update history

  • You can now jump onto the shack along the outside path.
  • Better FPS
  • Various detail improvements and additions
  • Respawn rate raised 1 tick


  • Added a new room on the upper levels of each side by mid.
  • Removed the outdoor ramp leading up, and put the indoor staircase back in (connects with the new room).
  • Changed the sawroom going into the bases. It's not got more space outdoors, in hopes of making that path more dangerous for the attackers.
  • Put the Intelligence back in the old spot
  • Changed the layout of the Intelligence deck to give the outside path an easy route to the Intelligence.


  • Added a small new room in mid to safely get from the lower saw-room door to the porch on the side of mid.
  • Added a new little alcove where the outside path meets mid.
  • Removed the indoor staircase going from the outside path to upper mid. It's replaced by an outdoor ramp leading up.


  • flag return time raised to 35 seconds
  • Changed the sides of mid. They're now higher up and have a porch area to give a better vantage point on the upper catwalk.
  • Various changes to the former Intelligence area.
  • Moved the Intelligence to the building adjacent to where it used to be. I also expanded the building to make it a better Intelligence spot. I'm just trying it out for now, to see what the new location does, so I might not stick with it.


  • put the spawn times back to a9 times


  • Players can walk through a bucket in the area outside RED's and BLU's spawn.
  • A winter-themed version of Landfall, "Snowfall", also exists.