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Pickup type: Building & Ammo

Metal is a resource exclusive to the Engineer, and is used to construct, repair and upgrade Buildings. The Engineer has a resever of 200 Metal which can be replenished in a variety of ways, including friendly Dispensers, broken Buildings, Ammo boxes and more.


Ammo Boxes
  • Small Ammo Pickup: 40 Metal
  • Medium Ammo Pickup: 100 Metal
  • Large Ammo Pickup: 200 Metal
Broken Building Parts
  • Broken Sentry Gun parts: 4 parts per destroyed Sentry, each worth 16 Metal, totalling 64 Metal
  • Broken Dispenser parts: 5 parts per destroyed Dispenser, each worth 10 Metal, totalling 50 Metal
  • Broken Teleporter parts: 4 parts per destroyed Teleporter exit/entrance, each worth 6 Metal, totalling 24 Metal
  • Broken Jump Pad parts: 4 parts per destroyed Jump Pad, each worth 8 Metal, totalling 32 Metal

Level does not change how much Metal is dropped.

Other Sources
  • Dispensers provide an infinite source of Metal, however it takes time to generate Metal. However when first being constructed a Dispenser already holds 40 Metal.
    • Level 1 Dispenser produces 40 Metal at once
    • Level 2 Dispenser produces 50 Metal at once
    • Level 3 Dispenser produces 60 Metal at once
  • Payload Carts provide as much Metal as a Level 1 Dispenser.
  • Resupply Lockers along with instantly restoring a class to full health and ammo also fully restore an Engineer's Metal pool to 200 Metal.


Building Maintenance
  • Repairs: 1 Metal for every 3 health points repaired rounded up, max of 33 per swing (100 health)
  • Reloading: 1 Metal for every bullet, 2 Metal for every rocket, max of 56 per swing (40 for bullets, 16 for rockets)
  • Upgrades: 200 Metal per level, max of 25 per swing (50 per swing during Setup)
  • The prioritisation for this is repairing, reloading, then upgrading.
  • Only two of these properties are ever done with 1 swing of the Wrench.
  • If a Sentry Gun's HP is full, but it does not have ammo, it can be upgraded to regain full ammo on the Sentry Gun, assuming that the upgrade level is close to 200.