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Vip mineside.webp
Basic Information
Map type VIP
File name vip_mineside
Release date July 4, 2020 (Death & Taxes)
Developer(s) Suomimies55
Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Day

Instead of following his goons around and waddling over control points, the Civilian has to grab an override device, jam it into a disk slot in a control room (deep in RED territory), and capture a point through the now-open door (even deeper in RED territory). The override expires after 60 seconds, though, so if the Civilian dies or fails to capture the point, you're back to square one. Tick tock!

Death & Taxes update page

Mineside is an official VIP map, set within and beside the Jenkins coal mine, which appears to be harvesting nothing but rocks. The VIP must grab the intelligence from BLU spawn, carry it to RED spawn, and then capture the final control point. When the intelligence is captured, the final control point will open for 60 seconds, and a forward spawn will open for BLU team during this time. If the VIP dies, the intelligence will reset to the start, but will not reset during the 60 second timer. Each time the VIP is killed, 20 seconds are removed from the available round time, and the killer gains 5 seconds of critical hits.

Mineside was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on July 4, 2020, in the Death & Taxes update. It was created by TF2 Classic developer Suomimies55.



Mineside Overview.webp


BLU team starts in a spacious spawn area with three different paths, which surround the BLU flag. The VIP must pick up the intelligence and carry it until the end of the map without dying. The intelligence area has three different paths to the middle. The bottom path is a small tunnel, the middle path is a tiny connector, and the right path is an elevated alcove.


The middle area contains a large health and ammo pack, as well as a one-way forward spawn that opens while the intelligence is delivered. There are three paths to get to RED spawn, the final point. The left path is a tunnel that is positioned either below or above the final area, depending on the route taken. The middle path is a harsh chokepoint with some stairs leading up to a drop. The right path leads to a one-way shutter that is close to the final control point.


The final area is the most spacious, and is directly in front of RED spawn. The VIP must deliver the intelligence to the interior capture zone on the left, at which point the shutter doors to final Control Point opens for 60 seconds. There is one shutter door right next to the intelligence capture zone, and a much larger door exposed to the outside. If the VIP does not capture the Control Point during this time, they must capture the intelligence again. If anyone is within the Control Point building once the doors shut, they are instantly killed.

Update history

  • Added vip_mineside


  • Added a new second route to the Escape Zone
  • Made some areas brighter
  • Added a small ammo kit to upper balcony at mid
  • Added more cover for upper balcony at mid
  • Adjusted respawn time for Red during Escape gates being open to be longer
  • Small changes in general


  • Changed setup time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Added new upper route for defenders (closes after setup time is over)
  • Fixed func_dustmotes inside forward BLU spawn
  • Changed pickup sizes in general
  • Added ammo pickup inside upper tunnel route
  • Animated barricade inside the mineside last cap area
  • Small optimization changes


  • The now-obsolete game_text_tf entity has been replaced with env_instructor_hint