Payload (objective)

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Payload or also known known as the Bomb Cart is an objective only found in the Payload and Payload Race gamemodes, The Payload resembles a warhead tightly put into a wooden cart with its front ripped, the payload belong to their respective teams depending on the color of the warhead

The Payload must be pushed throughout the map consistently to move, if left alone it will be pushed backwards until it reaches the last checkpoint it passed through, However if it reaches the finishing point of the map, it will fall causing a massive explosion killing anyone near it

Gamemodes that feature payload


  • The RED payload can only be seen in Payload Race maps
  • In Frontier the payload instead of being the common bomb cart is instead a train named Li'l Chew Chew
  • in Hoodoo the payload is slightly different, instead of it being a warhead it's instead 2 nuclear barrrels and dynamite taped onto the cart with a timer attached to it, ticking