Penguin Peak

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Penguin Peak
Ctf Penguin Peak.webp
Basic Information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name ctf_penguin_peak
Release date December 12, 2023 (2.1.3)
Developer(s) Community Contributor Eric "erk" Browning
Current Team Member Chris "Another Bad Pun" Williams
Community Contributor chin
Community Contributor Bec "phi" Ailes
Current Team Member SamDum (assets)
Former Team Member Square (assets)
Community Contributor Aeon "Void" Bollig (assets)
Current Team Member Stuffy360 (assets)
Community Contributor Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt (assets)
Link(s) Steam Workshop
Map info
Environment Winter Forest
Setting Daytime, dawn

Penguin Peak is an official Capture the Flag map with a spacious design and an open intelligence area. It is a mountainous logging camp set up around a snowy forest, with a large outdoor center with multiple flank routes leading within and around it. It is the winter-themed version of Pelican Peak.

Penguin Peak was created by TF2 Classic developers Current Team Member Chris "Another Bad Pun" Williams and Current Team Member Stuffy360, former developer Former Team Member Square and contributors Community Contributor Aeon "Void" Bollig, Community Contributor chin, Community Contributor Bec "phi" Ailes, Community Contributor Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt, Community Contributor Eric "erk" Browning, and KrazyZark who isn't credited on the official TF2 Classic website. It was uploaded to the Steam Workshop on November 13, 2022.



Penguin Peak Overview.webp


There are two exits leading out of each team's spawn room: an elevated left exit, and a lowered right exit. The left exit leads to another split path: on the left are the battlements and on the right is a path to that team's intelligence, or the middle area. On the right is that team's intelligence, on the way to the middle, with a side path dropping into their sewer.


The intelligence (represented by a charming penguin) is on an elevated perch in a damaged shack in a wide open area, providing little cover around it. Behind it is an enclosed room with some health and ammo, and a tiny window for a Sniper to shoot from. There are numerous routes for the enemy to grab the intelligence and escape from, with two sewer paths and two paths to middle. The wide open space also makes it difficult to defend a sentry encampment, and easy to explosive jump in and out.


The sewer area features cramped hallways into a spacious underground area, which provides a lengthy back route into allied intelligence. It is inconvenient to get to middle through here, so it is usually taken by enemies trying to sneak in. Allies can go through the vent shortcut to get down here quickly, which is a one-way route without an explosive jump. There is a large pool of water at the end of the vents, which has not yet frozen over.


The battlements are a sheltered, elevated area overlooking middle, but with no vision of the intelligence or behind itself. There are multiple spots for a Sniper to take aim, with clear vision of the opposing battlements. It also provides a convenient launching-off point for an explosive jump, though the frozen river below does not negate fall damage. Inside the battlements are a downstairs area leading to a one-way door behind the enemy side shack.

Side route

The battlements spawn also leads to a lowered side route to middle and to the intelligence. It is a cramped indoor area with little strategic value beyond a health and ammo pack.

Main route

The direct path to middle is a wide road with some health and ammo scattered through it. There is an alcove just before middle, next to the side route, which provides some cover.

Side shack

Next to the sewer area is a side shack next to the enemy one-way battlements exit. It contains a health and ammo pack, a means of ambushing enemies coming through the door, and yet another route to get to middle.


A spacious, yet linear area, featuring a lowered ravine that is entirely frozen over, flanked by two rocky outcrops that act as walls. The frozen water has some ice-like physical properties, which include having slower acceleration, worse turning control, and a faster top speed. A haste symbol appears on the player's HUD when they are affected by the ice. There are few defensible positions in this area, and Sniper sightlines are abundant. It is possible to explosive jump onto the enemy battlements. Outside of the side shacks, this area is starved of health and ammo. There is a train track up above, with its pillars impeding the ravine. A steam train runs across it every so often.

Easter eggs

Scattered around the map are a few wooden critters and animal-shaped entities, although less than on Pelican Peak. Behind an inaccessible door in RED spawn is an enigmatic model of a frog with an antenna for a tail. Behind the water grate just outside RED spawn, in a space far too dark to see, is nothing. There was prior a wooden representation of a man in an inflatable blue costume. On the opposite side of the water grate, far away from the play area, is a wooden reindeer placed on a secluded landmass with a tent and boxes - again too dark to see.

Inside the tower near RED intelligence, in the barely-visible upstairs room, is, again, nothing. Formerly, this housed a wooden anthropomorphic hawk. Finally, the map's namesake penguin is not located where the prior pelican was. Instead, there is a reindeer, located on a mountain home far behind BLU side shack, perched on a cozy balcony. This reindeer is protected behind an invisible wall that bullets cannot penetrate. The penguins of Penguin Peak are instead taking the role of the intelligence, as pictured above.

There is a sign inside the BLU spawn shower that says "swift water", a reference to the Team Fortress 2 map named "Swiftwater". Also inside BLU spawn is a texture referencing Jinn, which is a map made in part by abp.

Update history

  • Added ctf_penguin_peak
    • Created by Erk, Chin, Phi, and Another Bad Pun
    • Assets by SamDum, Square, void, Stuffy360, Diva Dan
    • Winter themed version of CTF Pelican Peak, with slippery ice, snow, and penguins!