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Jumping is a basic ability every class is able to do. It is done by presisng the jump key (Default: Space bar). Upon jumping, the player will move vertically above the ground and comes back down again. It is possible to reach even higher by using maneuvers such as crouch-jumping. Jumping can be used to reach elevated areas, to dodge projectiles or as Scout change direction mid-air. Every class is able to do the basic jump and crouch-jump, however there are other more technical which are more class or weapon specific.

Basic maneuvers


Crouch jumping is when a player crouches using the pre assigned key (Default: ctrl). This causes the player model to bring th ebottom of their hitbox up allowing them to reach higher areas. It is also possible to crouch during moves such as Rocket or Sticky Jumping. When crouching during one of these maneuvers, knockback is increased, allowing Soldiers and Demos to reach even farther distances.


Air strafing allows players to change their trajectory mid-jump. By pressing the left and right movement keys (Default: A & D respectively) while turning the camera smoothly will wllow one to strafe. Do note holding the forward (Default: W) movement key will prevent one from strafing, and attempting to move backwards (Default: S) will severely hinder a player's extreme decrease in speed.

Advanced maneuvers


Every weapon deals a little bit of knockback on hit. On the ground, this effect is so negligable that a Player can safely ignore this. However in the air the effect becomes much more significant. While retreating from enemies, it may be useful to jump and utilize the knockback form all weapons to aid in your retreat. You can crouch during this as well to increase knockback to go even farther.

Scout Jumps

Double Jump

Scout is the only class with the ability to double jump. By pressing the jump key while in the air the Scout will perform a second, mid-air jump. The extra height and distance this granst can allow the Scout allow access to areas other classes cannot access. You can also jump in an alternate direction, cancelling your momentum one way. This cna be utilized to avoid enemy fire. A careless double jump does leave a Player vulnerable and can be easily punished.