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Jumping is a basic ability every class is able to do. It is done by pressing the jump key (Default: Space bar). Upon jumping, the player will move vertically above the ground and comes back down again. It is possible to reach even higher by using maneuvers such as crouch-jumping. Jumping can be used to reach elevated areas, to dodge projectiles or as Scout change direction mid-air. Every class is able to do the basic jump and crouch-jump, however there are other more technical jumps which are more class or weapon specific.

BLU Engineer relly likes to fly.

Basic maneuvers


Crouch jumping is when a player crouches using the pre assigned key (Default: ctrl). This causes the player model to bring the bottom of their hitbox up allowing them to reach higher areas. It is also possible to crouch during moves such as Rocket or Sticky Jumping. When crouching during one of these maneuvers, knockback is increased, allowing Soldiers and Demos to reach even farther distances.


Air strafing allows players to change their trajectory mid-jump. By pressing the left and right movement keys (Default: A & D respectively) while turning the camera smoothly will wllow one to strafe. Do note holding the forward (Default: W) movement key will prevent one from strafing, and attempting to move backwards (Default: S) will severely hinder a player's extreme decrease in speed.

Advanced maneuvers


Every weapon deals a little bit of knockback on hit. On the ground, this effect is so negligable that a Player can safely ignore this. However in the air the effect becomes much more significant. While retreating from enemies, it may be useful to jump and utilize the knockback form all weapons to aid in your retreat. You can crouch during this as well to increase knockback to go even farther.

Scout Jumps

Double Jump

Scout is the only class with the ability to double jump. By pressing the jump key while in the air the Scout will perform a second, mid-air jump. The extra height and distance this granst can allow the Scout allow access to areas other classes cannot access. You can also jump in an alternate direction, cancelling your momentum one way. This cna be utilized to avoid enemy fire. A careless double jump does leave a Player vulnerable and can be easily punished.

Soldier Jumps

Rocket Jumping

Soldier is able to move quickly by using the knockback from his Rocket launcher to move quickly through an area. The most basic rocket jump is done by looking down, jumping and crouching for maximum knockback, and shooting. Rocket jumping comes at the cost of some health, so it is not wise to constantly rocket jump without access to a healing source. This technique is used to go over enemies, past obstacles or reach points faster. When a Soldier is rocket jumping he displays smoking trails on his boots, a trait shared by Demoman.

Pyro Jumps

Twin Barrel Jumping

The Twin Barrel has a knockback mechanic which can be utilized to pseudo-jump in mid-air. The Twin Barrel knocks the user opposite of where the weapon is pointing. This can be used to travel both horizontally and vertically. This technique can be utlized to reach the frontlines faster, use flank routes the Pyro could not access otherwise and prevent fall damage.

Reflect Jumping

Just like a Soldier using a rocket to Rocket-Jump, a Pyro can use a reflected rocket to jump. A reflected projectile follows the Pyro's crosshair. Time the reflect and point the crosshair towards the ground, and crouch-jump. It is possible to jump with any reflect explosive, but rockets are the easiest. This technique can allow Pyros to catch their enemies off-guard mid-fight.

Demoman Jumps

Stickybomb Jumping

Similarly to a Soldier using the knockback from his rockets to jump, Demoman is able to use the knockback from his stickies to propel himself. The most basic form of this is shooting a stickybomb, then jumping on top, crouching and detonating the explosive. Its best to shoot on front of yourself to compensate for the stickybomb's arm time. The direction and speed of the Demoman is influenced by the placement and movement of the Demoman.

Mine Jumping

Very similar to sticky jumping, but instead of a sticky bomb its with a mine. Mines detonate when the Demoman who placed them or by enemies get close enough. Mines detonate after 0.6 seconds of the wielder or enemies get close, so time your jump carefully. The way this works is very similar to sticky jumping. You need walk close to the mine, wait for the right moment, jump over the mine, crouch and go flying. This method is used a lot less since mines require more strict timing. Enemies can also do this by walking close to enemy mines and jumping over them. Theres even an achievement for it.

Pipe Jumping

The Demoman can also use the force from his pipes to jump. However this is less common as the direction of pipes is a lot less uncontrollable compared to stickies. There are a couple of rules of thumb for a successful pipe jump:

  • Shooting the grenade against a wall will better control a pipe's trajectory and increase the window to reach the grenade before it explodes.
  • Crouch-jump over the explosive, roughly 2 seconds after firing the grenade. Jumping too later, too early or without proper timing will result in a jump without much power or control.
  • A purely vertical jump will require you to crouch-jump over a grenade without any horizontal motion, as the direction you jump is depnedant on your previous speed.

Engineer Jumps

Building Step Jump

Unlike his teammates, Engineer Buildings have collsion for the Engineer who built them. This is excecuted by crouch-jumping on top of a Building and using this extra height to reach areas. Of all buildings, Dispensers are the most convenient Building to use as a step up. Sentries cost too much metal for a similar height, and there is practically no height gained from a Teleporter. Contrary to what one may think, Buildings do no have to be fully constructed to reach maximum height. The height a Building gives is constant, regardless of contruction animation.

Jump Pads

Jump Pads are a Building which allow an Engineer and any of his teammates to reach heights similar to a perfectly excecuted Rocket Jump. When an ally or the Engineer presses the jump button while over a jump pad, their jump gains significant height and distance which can be used to access explosive jumper's shortcuts. Jump pads are best placed by high ledges so that teammates may reach them. It is possible to combine a Jump Pad-jump with another movement technique such as Twin Barrel Jumping to reach even greater distances.

Coilgun Boosting

The Coilgun has a charging function. When charged the Coilgun's projectile increases in speed and damage, however charging the gun for too long will result in the weapon overcharging, causing an explosion at the user's position. This explosion deals 50 self-damage and propels the user upward. The height achieved can be increased by jumping before the explosion occurs. The user's trajectory doesn't change based on where the Coilgun is aimed; the user is always launched upwards. However the trajectory travelled is still influenced by the user's previous movement. This can be very useful for allowing the Engineer to reach higher places, but the health cost is significant and this technique can only be used twice (not counting fall damage) before it will kill the user.

Related Achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement tranq hit blastjump.png Air Sickness Knock an airborne enemy out of the sky with your Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement surf enemy mine.png Bourbon Flight Blast jump a long distance off an enemy Demoman's Mine.
Tf2c achievement air combat.png Fight or Flight Kill an enemy while both of you are airborne.
Tf2c achievement headshot kill midflight.png Dead Air Kill an enemy with a headshot while they are airborne.
Tf2c achievement jumppad stomp.png Terminal Velocity Kill someone by landing on them after using a Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad enemy spy backstab.png Skyfall Get a backstab kill shortly after using an enemy Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad extinguish.png Fan the Flames Extinguish yourself with a Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad progression.png Fan Service Have other players use your Jump Pads 1,000 times.
Tf2c achievement jumppad progression assist.png Jumpstarter Have teammates get 20 kills shortly after using your Jump Pads.
Tf2c achievement aa vs airborne.png Duck Season Kill 9 airborne enemies with the A.A. Cannon's mini-crits.
Tf2c achievement ssg pounce.png Bringing the Heat Kill 5 enemies after closing the distance with a Twin Barrel jump.