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Basic Information
Map type Payload
File name pl_frontier_final
Release date [February 24 2011 Patch]
Developer(s) [Patrick "MangyCarface" Mulholland]
[Arthur "Arhurt" Bobany de Queiroz]
Map info
Environment Alpine Mountain
Setting Daylight, Sunny

Meet "Li'l Chew Chew"—a razor-toothed BLU payload designed to messily devour any merc dumb enough to blunder in front of its path through this single-stage payload map. Eat your way past RED's defenses astride a gleaming metal death machine, powered by the blood of your enemies, and also gasoline (mostly gasoline, to be honest).

Community Map Pack Update

Frontier is an official Payload map. It is a single-stage payload map with four capture points contested by RED and BLU on train tracks that slowly climb up a mountain. Each capture point captured by BLU moves the BLU spawn upward up the mountain. Once the BLU team captures all the points, they win. If RED holds back the BLU team until time runs out, they win. This map is oriented toward pushes that use the cart's large size as protection, as the favor favors the defending team. This map takes place at an industrial site of unclear purpose, set in a mountainous alpine region that culminates in a massive pit where the bomb cart is dropped. This map's signature feature is L'il Chew Chew.

Frontier was originally released for Team Fortress 2 in the February 24, 2011 Patch, and was developed by mangyacarface and arhurt.

Li'l Chew Chew

Li'l Chew Chew is a unique Payload cart that replaces the normal bomb cart here on Frontier. Li'l Chew Chew is a massive mechanized train engine painted blue with a massive maw filled with jagged teeth, searchlights for eyes and a chimney on top.

Li'l Chew Chew, being larger compared to other Payload carts, can be used as cover from incoming fire. A platform trails behind the train engine, which BLU can stand on to push the cart. It is impossible to erect buildings on this platform. Li'l Chew Chew is also capable of killing anybody unfortunate enough to be standing in front of its maw while it is moving. The chomp's range increases with BLU players on it. The platform behind the train engine contains a built-in BLU dispenser. Players on the cart have to be careful, however, as the train engine makes it difficult to see the front.

Update history

  • Added pl_frontier_final


  • Updated select stock maps to improve clipping, fix exploits, and improve visuals (Sniffy194):


  • Fixed various displacement seams
  • Adjusted some displacements outside of BLU's first spawn to look more natural
  • Some boulders are no longer hovering above the ground
  • Many, many lighting fixes
  • The runoff puddle outside of BLU's spawn now uses the same modern water material as tc_hydro
  • Restored cubemaps, and added parallax correction for the floors in RED's final spawn