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2.1.0 was a major update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, also known as the Fight or Flight update, released on April 28, 2023. It featured several new weapons and maps, as well as numerous gameplay changes. The patch notes were released on Fight or Flight Day 3.

This update came after 2.0.4 and before 2.1.1.


Weapon changes

Added the Jump Pad

Added L'escampette

Added the Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Added Chekhov's Punch

Added the Twin Barrel

Added the Harvester

Added the Brick

Updated the RPG:(sic)

  • Increased self push force by 15%
  • Increased self damage by 30%
  • Now only plays a whistle sound while falling

Updated the Flamethrower:(sic)

  • Lowered damage by 12% (150 DPS, from 170)

Updated the Flare Gun:

Updated the Dynamite Pack:

  • Now deals 30 damage when directly hitting a player
  • Damage is not affected by range
  • Now briefly slows enemies on direct hit
  • Increased primary ammo on wearer by 50%
  • Doubled taunt kill damage and radius

Updated the Mine Layer

  • The player's mines are now highlighted through walls
  • Mines will now fizzle out instead of exploding when placing more than four mines

Updated the Coilgun:

  • Now beeps on full charge, and has a meter that displays time before overcharge (Foxysen)

Updated the Syringe Gun:

  • Now deals knockback against enemies (Foxysen)

Updated the Medi Gun and Kritzkrieg:

  • Now play a customizable progress sound that changes pitch based on patient health (Alex James)

Updated the Shock Therapy:

  • Healing is now properly networked, causing less false-positives
  • Now has a unique particle for healing teammates (Boba, Nito)
  • Updated kill icon (Boba)
  • Now has a unique icon for building kills (Boba, Nito)

Updated the Sniper Rifle:

  • Added an impact effect, bullet particle, and a tracer that diffuses into the team color as it fades (Sniffy194, Boba)
  • Toggled by tf2c_sniperrifle_tracer, and set to 1 by default; can be changed by server operators
  • The client no longer plays a sound when headshotting until the server confirms it (Sappho)

Updated the Hunting Revolver:

  • Now has damage falloff
  • Falloff starts at 2x the distance of normal weapons (1024hu/19.5m)
  • Does not apply to crits

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:

  • Dart trails have been heavily optimized and given a new appearance (Boba)
  • Increased projectile speed by 20%
  • Tranquilized enemies now take crits from any melee attack
  • Lowered tranquilized condition's movement speed penalty from -33% to -20%
  • Tranquilized enemies now deal 20% less damage
  • Does not apply to damage over time or melee damage
  • Tranquilized enemies no longer have a melee firerate penalty
  • Tranquilized effect duration is no longer affected by falloff if the weapon fires a crit or minicrit

Updated the Disguise Kit:

  • Added Global Disguises available on Four-Team maps, allowing you to appear friendly to all enemy teams

Updated bullet spread:

Gameplay changes

Updated the Spy:

  • Increased the Spy's movement speed to 107% (from 100%)
  • Set by tf2c_spy_gun_mettle 2, the new default setting for tf2c_spy_gun_mettle; can be changed by server operators

Updated the Civilian:

  • Now slowly heals nearby teammates and himself (Trotim)
  • Healing starts at 5HP/s and increases up to 15HP/s if players have taken no damage for 10s
  • Added voice lines for taking damage from enemies (Trotim)

Added nail/syringe impact sounds (Trotim)

Enable tf2c_falldamage_disablespread by default, so fall damage is consistent based on distance (Foxysen)

Engineers with active buildings and Spies currently sapping are now less likely to get autobalanced (Foxysen, Avast AntiPony 9445)

Players respawn instantly if they die within six seconds of spawning (modifiable with tf2c_spawncamp_window), or always during setup time (Foxysen)

On servers that set tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 2, fixed weapon spread is now a per-player preference toggled in the advanced options, or with tf2c_fixedspread_preference (Foxysen)

Weapons can now auto reload while holding alt-fire (Azzy)

Updated scoring (Foxysen):

  • Heal points are now given for Shock Therapy healing, Medic passive regen, Kritzkrieg self healing, being healed by an enemy Shock Therapy as a Spy, and stealing enemy Sandviches
  • Support score is now more consistently awarded for minicrit or crit boosting teammates
  • Support score for extinguishing is now based on remaining afterburn
  • Support score for airblasting is now based on amount of damage deflected
  • Support score is now awarded for damage dealt to enemies the player tranquilized
  • Support score is now awarded for destroying stickies, disarming Dynamite Packs, and airblasting Dynamite bomblets
  • Bonus score is now awarded for deflecting crit projectiles, defusing crit Dynamite Packs, destroying crit stickies
  • Taunt kills and Telefrags now grant a bonus point

Map changes

Added the Territorial Domination gamemode

Added koth_frigid (Wheat, savva)

Added dom_krepost (Suomimies55)

Added arena_floodgate (savva)

Added pl_jinn (abp, 14bit)

Added td_caper (abp, emilrusboi)

Updated ctf_pelican_peak (abp):

  • Removed _tf2c suffix from filename
  • Removed building exploit in vents
  • Removed out of bounds exploit by red spawn
  • Added Pelican

Updated select stock maps to improve clipping, fix exploits, and improve visuals (Sniffy194):

Added func_playermodelscale as a map entity for scaling a player to an arbitrary value upon entering a trigger brush (Azzy)

Added func_filtervisualizer as a map entity, for brushes that become visible to players when they get close. Use them to mark areas that they're unable to enter. (KaydemonLP)

Added modified versions of every prop_coalmines boulder without normalmaps, which can receive per-vertex lighting (Sniffy194)

Arena mode is now a "mutator" that can be combined with other gametypes by mappers (KaydemonLP)

Backported the Game Instructor from Mapbase for in-map scripted tutorials, either from scripts/instructor_lessons.txt or with the env_instructor_hint map entity. (Mapbase, Trotim [fixed passing !activator to ShowHint], Wheat [custom icons])

Backported the point_event_proxy point entity from Alien Swarm, for firing simple game events from map logic.

Backported particle weather for the func_precipitation brush entity from Mapbase, allowing for mappers to easily add performant weather within a brush volume that collides with surfaces. This includes Ash, Rain, Rain Storm, and Snow particle weather types. These all use newer and nicer particles, found in rain_fx.pcf, which can also still be used through info_particle_system. (Mapbase, Sniffy194 [particle fix-ups], sigsegv [crash fix])

Backported the skybox_swapper map entity from Alien Swarm, for replacing the current 2D skybox at any time in a map (Azzy)

Added light_directional to the FGD for mappers, used in conjunction with Slammin' VRAD (Sniffy194)

Added a large number of new models and materials for mappers (Wheat)

Added new inputs for game_text, allowing mappers to dynamically set the text's content, color, and position at any time (Mapbase)

Adopted a large number of env_projectedtexture fixes from the Valve Developer Community, including raising the active entity limit for them

Added game_convar_mod, as a safe way for maps to temporarily set server convars that get reset on level change (Mapbase, Azzy)

Added a new keyvalue to the game_round_win map entity, score_based, which can automatically select the team with the highest overall team score to win the round (Azzy)

Added icons for various hammer editor entities (Mr. Skullium, TeamSpen210, Ficool2, ts2do, Necrotales Games, Vizzy, Skotty)

TD_ (Territorial Domination) and KOTF_ (King of the Flag) are now recognized as valid map types, and are localized in the loading screen (Technochips)

General changes

Added 54 new achievements (Foxysen)

Added 280+ new weapon attributes (Azzy)

Added the following item schema tags: item_name_color, model_world_per_class, extra_wearable_hide_on_active, bucket, bucket_position (Azzy)

Added support for unlocalized strings in attribute descriptions (Azzy)

Added the following attribute item schema tags: custom_color, hidden_separator (Azzy)

Added the following visual item schema tags: trail_effect, trail_effect_crit, explosion_effect, explosion_effect_crit (Azzy, Trotim)

Added 'disintegrate', 'boioing' and 'stomp' console suicide commands (Foxysen, KaydemonLP, Azzy)

Added colorblind shader from Open Fortress (Alex James)

Added hud_combattext_show_damage_blocked for showing the amount of damage you've helped a teammate block

Added new flavor text for most weapons (Hunter R. Thompson, Boba)

Added option to disable displaying dominations on the scoreboard and killfeed, as well as not displaying the icon above players. This can be set in your multiplayer settings, or with tf2c_show_nemesis_relationships. (Azzy)

Added the Civilian to the loadout menu (Boba, Kaydemon)

Added buttons in the loadout menu for previewing team colors (Boba, Ventrici, Azzy)

Added many new sounds for selecting weapons in the loadout (Boba)

Streamer mode names are now random bot names instead of class names (KaydemonLP)

The advanced options have been completely reordered, and many new options have been added to the list (Boba)

Basic support for bots on Special Delivery, or any map with a neutral CTF capture zone (Trotim)

Bots now stand still on moving platforms instead of attempting to repath (Trotim)

Bots will occasionally use the Shock Therapy if equipped (Trotim)

Custom global schemas (for weapons, particles, and sounds) are now supported; map overrides are no longer required for custom weapons servers (Azzy)

Dispenser screens are now visible to enemies (Trotim)

Pipes from the Grenade Launcher now spark when shattering without an explosion (Trotim)

Added the tf2c_spywalk_inverted convar, which sets Spywalk (moving at Spy's regular speed while disguised as slower classes) as the default behavior, with +SPEED (Spywalk bind) imitating your disguise's speed

Added the "respawn" command that can be bound to instantly respawn the player if they're in a spawn room (Azzy)

Added tf2c_experimental_huntsman_enable (off by default), for bounding box-based collision for Huntsman headshots (Alex James)

Added many new loading screen and class selection tips, and overhauled existing ones (Boba)

The loadout UI now displays correctly on high resolution displays (Boba)

The main menu TF2 Classic logo is now correctly sized (Boba)

Many main menu glyphs now use higher quality textures (Boba)

Many main menu strings are now properly localizable (Technochips, Azzy, Boba)

Many advanced options strings are now properly localizable (Azzy, Boba)

The Engineer build and Spy disguise HUD elements are now consistent with one another (Boba)

The Engineer build and Spy disguise HUD elements for controllers have been overhauled (Boba)

Dispenser screens no longer disappear around certain areas of maps (Boba)

Fixed sound channels being overloaded when multiple Miniguns and SMGs are fired at once (Trotim)

Fixed an issue related to KOTH overtime that could allow a team to win after losing the point (Nito)

Removed the "Invalid Loadout Preset" check (Sappho)

Rockets and rocket-based projectiles no longer collide with each other (KaydemonLP)

Stickybombs now fizzle properly on death (Trotim)

The Payload cart can no longer be spectated in first person (Trotim)

The airblast sound effect is now only played once on the attacker instead of being multiplied by targets (e.g. Stickybombs) (Trotim)

Updated the cliff_wall_08 rock model to match Live TF2 (Suomimies55)

r_hunkalloclightmaps is now set to 0 on the server as well as the client, preventing a crash when loading maps with highly-detailed lightmaps (Azzy)

Particles defined in tracer_effect visual item schema tag now properly precache upon map load (Azzy)

Updated the localization files