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Cp tidal a4.webp
Basic Information
Map type Control Points
File name cp_tidal_a4
Release date May 3, 2015 (1.9.0)
Developer(s) Heyo
Link(s) Steam Workshop
TF2 Maps
Map info
Environment Industrial, harbor
Setting Night

Tidal is an official Control Points map, with a very long and narrow layout that has large sightlines, with plenty of interior rooms. It is set in a nighttime industrial harbor flanked by decorative water and a desolate field.

Tidal was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on May 3, 2015, in update 1.9.0. It was created by a prolific map maker named Heyo.



Tidal Overview.webp

First Point

BLU spawns in an enclosed area with a walk to the first point, which is elevated above the ground and has crates for cover. The ground is further elevated compared to the route below, which is a large sightline that leads to the second point. All other exits lead to the large interior room, which offers multiple opportunities for defense.

Second Point

The second point is an exposed area with a multiple chokepoints that spill out into it. There is an interior room to its side, with is a route to quickly assault the point. The second point leads down to another room through a wooden plank, which connects multiple routes to the middle point.

Middle Point

The middle point is a symmetrical, angular arena with four points of elevation to strike from, with sightlines from all angles. The large number of routes to the point make battles chaotic, with the most direct route being a slim staircase from the exterior route. There is a room with a small health pack that allows a close view of the point, and another room which connects multiple floors.

Update history

  • Added CP Tidal, a community Control Points map by Heyo