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TF2 Classic can be installed, updated, and repaired, all using the same tool: TF2CDownloader. This tool can be used on the client and server, Linux or Windows. If you're looking to update to 2.1.0 from an earlier version of the game, you're in the right place. Find the relevant section below for your needs and follow the instructions.


Update automatically

You should already have TF2CDownloader if you installed the game vaguely recently. If it's too old, you may need to redownload TF2CDownloader:

Upon running TF2CDownloader, you will be asked for the path of your sourcemods folder. Unless your game installation is in a different directory from the default, you should accept the default path.

After the path is selected, you'll find yourself at a menu with three options. "1" will (re)install the game, "2" will update your game if already installed, and "3" will validate your game files. If you're on this person, you probably want to press 2 here. It should take care of the rest itself, first validating your existing version of the game and then updating it to the latest.

Update manually

Due to internal restructuring between 2.0 and 2.1, we're unable to offer an easy self-extractable patch, as it wouldn't be meaningfully smaller than reinstalling the game. If you're unable to use TF2CDownloader to update, we instead recommend backing up your /cfg/ folder and reinstalling the game from the manual ZIP archive available at https://tf2classic.com/download


The same instructions as the Client section generally apply, and either method should work (noting that TF2CDownloader will likely need to be manually pointed to the folder containing the game installation you're using). However, ensure your server meets our requirements.

Servers running Sourcemod will need to upgrade their installations. Install the latest public version of Sourcemod 1.11 from here, then clone the 2.1.0 branch of the https://github.com/tf2classic/SM-TF2Classic-Tools repo, and merge it with your base SM installation.

Though this should be automatic, particularly if you update your installation using TF2CDownloader, you should make sure that the "server_srv.so" file in your tf2classic/bin folder is a symlink to server.so in the same folder. It cannot be a copy of the file.

Within the bin folder of Source SDK Base 2013 Dedicated Server, you must delete the libstdc++.so.6 file. This will force it to use the newer version from your system, which is necessary for TF2 Classic to run.