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Vip mineside.jpg
Basic Information
Map type VIP
File name vip_mineside

Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Day

Instead of following his goons around and waddling over control points, the Civilian has to grab an override device, jam it into a disk slot in a control room (deep in RED territory), and capture a point through the now-open door (even deeper in RED territory). The override expires after 60 seconds, though, so if the Civilian dies or fails to capture the point, you're back to square one. Tick tock!

Death & Taxes update page

Mineside is a VIP map released in the Death & Taxes update. It's set in a desert environment surrounded by warehouses, mountains and rundown industrial, with the VIP trying to escape in his personal vehicle, who BLU has to escort, and RED has to assassinate

Unlike other VIP maps, Mineside has an unique mechanic: The VIP needs to grab an override device, and place it in the control room, which will temporarily open the gates to the escape zone. The override expires after 60 seconds, so if he dies or fails to capture the point, his team is back to square one.

Update history

  • added vip_mineside


  • Added a new second route to the Escape Zone
  • Made some areas brighter
  • Added a small ammo kit to upper balcony at mid
  • Added more cover for upper balcony at mid
  • Adjusted respawn time for Red during Escape gates being open to be longer
  • Small changes in general


  • Changed setup time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Added new upper route for defenders (closes after setup time is over)
  • Fixed func_dustmotes inside forward BLU spawn
  • Changed pickup sizes in general
  • Added ammo pickup inside upper tunnel route
  • Animated barricade inside the mineside last cap area
  • Small optimization changes