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Td caper.webp
Basic Information
Map type Territorial Domination
File name td_caper
Release date April 28, 2023 (Fight or Flight)
Developer(s) abp
Link(s) Steam Workshop
Map info
Environment Red Desert
Setting Daylight

All good game modes need a 'multi-use industrial site in the desert'-type first map to set the tone, and Caper follows in that tradition. A barn-mounted space laser (off-yellow), relay dish (periwinkle) and water reservoir (#M410-7 "Perennial Green") are all ripe for the taking, as long as you don't take it too personally when they change hands ten times a round.

Caper promotional blurb

Caper is an official Territorial Domination map, and the first of its kind. It has three points contested by RED and BLU, and the points captured determine where they spawn. Each team starts out with one point captured. If one team controls all the points, they win. The map layout is triangular between the three points, with multiple interior and exterior routes allowing for a mix between open and cramped gameplay. It is set in an arid, red desert, within an industrial site of unclear purpose.

Caper was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on April 28, 2023, in the Fight or Flight update. It was created by TF2 Classic developer abp, alongside contributors Emil, void, Boomsta, and others. It was uploaded to the Steam Workshop on August 20, 2022.



Caper Overview.webp

Point A

Point A spawn starts off behind a wooden shack, where the defending team must loop around to get to the point, facing the task of preventing the attackers from maintaining the point's height advantage. It is an open area with little cover aside from the interior, which drops down into an alcove with health and ammo. It connects into Point B by going through a recessed middle area, with an interior flank, and a side shack with a small window, providing multiple opportunities for attack. If there is a Jump Pad, the defending Snipers can take unexpected position on top of these buildings.

Point B

Point B spawn is behind the even more spacious point, with a small fence blocking access. The routes to the point are much shorter, and the height advantage of the defenders make this point harder to capture. Although the main "point" is elevated, attackers only have to exist within the square area to capture it, marked by diagonal lines. Under the point is a small shelter with health, ammo, and a window. This point connects to Point C through use of a tunnel, with a spacious middle area that has routes to all three points, and a sewer connector that leads to a large underwater reservoir in front of Point C.

Point C

Point C spawn is behind the exterior, with a direct route to Point C itself through a window and loading door. There is a tunnel to the reservoir catwalk, with a large health pack in a dead end. This point is by far the most enclosed out of all of them, with few escape routes when attacking it, and few routes to defend it. The long internal sightline, and sharp angles, make it difficult to hold a sentry position, and the guard rails and water make it difficult to navigate without use of the above-ground flank. Point C also connects to Point A through an open exterior area marked by rocks, with a vent leading into it from Point C, and with a small shack with health and ammo. There is also a pool of shallow water, with a tiny area that you can crouch to extinguish your burning body in, assuming you can find it. This area is a favorite for Sniper duels, trying to maintain control of the large sightline.

Update history

  • Added td_caper (abp, emilrusboi)


  • The bucket hanging from a rope outside the Point B shack can be shot, causing it to blissfully flail in the wind.