Territorial Domination

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Image used to tease TD from the Day 3 page of Fight or Flight

Territorial Domination (TD) is a brand new game mode for TF2 Classic that offers the unpredictable, ever-shifting objectives of Territorial Control, and marries it with unique tightly-packed action. Enjoy the affluence of more point-holding monarchy, with only half the stalemates!

Fight or Flight update page

Territorial Domination is a game-mode in which the end goal for both teams is to control all three control points on the map. At the start of the round, both teams are randomly assigned a starting control point, with the remaining point being fought over. Once the third point is captured, all points will become unlocked. As the points exchange hands, so do the spawn-points of the teams; teams will always spawn from the areas they control. Teams can either win by owning all control points or owning the most points when time runs out. If neither team can cap the initial third point before time runs out, the round stalemates.


The following is a list of official Territorial Domination maps: