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Seatbelts on! Tray tables in their upright positions! "No Smoking" lights completely ignored! The Fight or Flight Update is getting off the ground shortly. Take a look at DAY ONE, and see the result of three years' brainstorming on how to make air travel -- the safest, most expensive form of transit -- as cheap and dangerous as possible.

Fight or Flight blog announcement

The Fight or Flight update, also known as 2.1.0, was the second major update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, released on April 28, 2023. This was the latest major update since the Death & Taxes update in 2020.

True to its namesake, it focused on content related to mobility, as well as several weapons and maps. Its flagship feature is the Jump Pad, an Engineer building that allows taking to the skies. The Anti-Aircraft Cannon was designed for Heavy to swat enemies out of the air, while the Twin Barrel affords Pyro greater mobility. The Brick gives Scout a hard-hitting projectile, while the Heavy gains Chekhov's Punch and the Pyro gains the Harvester - both weapons that store critical hits for later. Finally, L'escampette gives the Spy an alternate watch, allowing for easier escapes.

The update also introduces the Arena map Floodgate, the Four-Team King of the Hill map Frigid, the Payload map Jinn, the Four-Team Medieval Mode map Krepost, and the new Territorial Domination game mode with the map Caper.

In total, the update introduced 7 new weapons, 5 new maps, 1 new game mode, 54 new achievements, and various gameplay changes. For the full patch notes, see 2.1.0.


The Fight or Flight page officially began on April 26, 2023, as announced on the Team Fortress 2 Classic Website.



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Name Picture Game mode File name
Floodgate Floodgate 4.jpg Arena (Four-Team) arena_floodgate
Krepost Krepost 1.jpg Domination (Four-Team Medieval) dom_krepost
Frigid Frigid 1.jpg King of the Hill (Four-Team) koth_frigid
Jinn Jinn 4.jpg Payload pl_jinn
Caper DON'T DO IT, I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!.jpg Territorial Domination td_caper



Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Brick.png
Killicon brick.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Twin Barrel.png
Twin Barrel
Killicon doubleshotgun.png
Backpack Harvester.png
Killicon harvester.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Anti-Aircraft Cannon.png
Anti-Aircraft Cannon
Killicon aa cannon.png
Backpack Chekhov's Punch.png
Chekhov's Punch
Killicon chekhov.png


Backpack PDA: Jump Pad.png
PDA: Jump Pad


Backpack L'escampette.png


The update's logo