Oil Canyon

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Oil Canyon
Basic Information
Map type Domination
File name dom_oilcanyon

Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Sunny

By some divine providence, your teams built perfectly symmetrical outposts within as little as 20 feet of each other, so both sides have an equal shot at all three(!) of the points on Oil Canyon. Whether you can divvy up your resources to hold more than 1 or 2 at a time? That's another problem entirely.

Death & Taxes update page

Oil Canyon is an official Domination map released in the Death & Taxes update. It's set in a typical Badlands-esque environment surrounded by oil wells and refineries, with the teams wrestling for control of the map's three control points, all of which start neutral at equal distance from the team's spawns.


Compared to its sister map, Hydro (Domination), Oil Canyon encourages rapid rotation between the three points, due to the close proximity and poor defensibility of the control points.

Even when crossing the map, A and C are connected by a tunnel that runs under B with a full healthkit, meaning that you can always cycle to whatever point needs the most help instead of committing to any single one.