Hydro (Domination)

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Hydro (Domination)
Dom hydro.webp
Basic Information
Map type Domination (Four-Team)
File name dom_hydro
Release date July 4, 2020 (Death & Taxes)
Developer(s) Snowshoe
Drudlyclean the Skeledude
Map info
Environment Industrial
Setting Dusk

The four key worksites at Alpha Electric's hydro power plant have been divvied up between the four teams, each with an easy-access control point to call its own. Each team should have an easy time holding its own point, but with the score always so close, losing your home point for even a few seconds can be devastating.

Death & Taxes update page

Hydro (Domination) is an official Four-Team Domination map, based on the prior Hydro (Territorial Control) map. It uses the four middle setpieces from Hydro, connected together at all times through sprawling routes. A team gains points by capturing any of the four Control Points. Each uncontested control point generates one point each within 5 second intervals, spaced evenly apart. A contested control point that becomes uncontested will generate a point if five seconds have passed while contested. One team must reach 100 points to win the round.

Hydro (Domination) was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on July 4, 2020, in the Death & Taxes update. It was developed by Snowshoe, Drudlyclean the Skeledude, and Savva.



Dom Hydro Overview.webp

Point A

GRN team spawns in a spacious multi-tiered interior that leads to their point through various angles of attack. The point itself is exposed to the elements and placed above a small ravine of shallow water. Point A connects to Point B through a narrow route with a small alcove.

Point B

RED team spawns in a sprawling underground environment, leading to a short path facing their point or to an underground tunnel placed below the point. The point is well-covered and easily defensible, placed inside a radar dish far away from any angle of attack. Point B leads to Point C through an underground cave system.

Point C

BLU team has the smallest of all the spawns, with a linear spawn leading below or above their point. The point itself is above two turbines in an indoor area, featuring sharp angles and lots of platforms to fall onto. Point C leads to Point D through a platform scaling the side of a cliff, well above the action.

Point D

YLW spawns in an unconventional dam area where the spawn room itself is tiny, but the outside world is able to be viewed with ease. The point is exposed in a gigantic area with plenty of shallow water, with a small fence blocking off attack from one side. Point D connects to Point A through the ravine below the B-C connector.

Update history

  • Added dom_hydro


  • Added localization strings
  • Added a small room to BLU side to give Engineers and Spies more utility
  • Added a new route from the caves between RED and BLU to connect to YLW
  • Combined the two caves between RED and YLW into one larger cave


  • Overhauled lighting across the map, now featuring a new sunset setting, achieved with light_directional
  • Overhauled the appearance of water across the map, now featuring the new WaterFlow shader
  • Added Parallax Correction to cubemaps in some indoor areas
  • Many smaller clipping changes and visual fixes across the map


  • Updated water material to be more similar to tc_hydro
  • Brightened up many areas around the map to aid in player visibility
  • Synchronized the parallax_obb brushes with tc_hydro, for nicer vent reflections


  • Before the Death & Taxes update, Hydro was a Four-Team Control Points map, where the objective was to capture every single point at once. This proved to be a bad idea, as matches would last for hours.