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Basic Information
Map type VIP
File name vip_trainyard

Map info
Environment Train Station
Setting Day

Mining outposts and dockyards are one thing, but at dusty cargo stations like this, mercs play for keeps. If the Civilian dies, that's it. Game over. Trainyard plays host to frenetic, fast-paced rounds, where sloppy play gets punished and one crafty Headshot or Backstab can close a match.

Death & Taxes update page

Trainyard is an official VIP map released in the Death & Taxes update. It's set in a train station around warehouses, with the VIP trying to escape in his personal vehicle, who BLU has to escort and RED has to assassinate.

Unlike other maps in the update, this map has the unique mechanic in which the VIP has only one life, and him getting killed once will result in RED team's victory. BLU team will have to safely escort him to his car within the time limit, which may result in costly sacrifices that the Civilian is willing to make.


VIP's wellbeing is of utmost importance in this map, and constant watch over him and everything around is recommended. Spy is a deadly threat that can be the determining factor of the game, thus having a Pyro nearby constantly checking for spies is useful. Keeping the VIP out of sightlines and the frontlines, while taking down the RED team's defenses will ensure BLU team progressing towards the objective.

Update history

  • added vip_trainyard