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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class civilian.png
Type Special
Health 200 (300 with overheal)
Speed 93%

The Civilian is a special class for the VIP game mode, where he needs to get escorted by the BLU team. The Civilian is designed to be weak but useful to his team, somewhat like the Medic.

He has the fastest capture-rate out of all classes in the game, capturing five times faster than normal, and he can grant mini-crit boosts to his teammates while providing a defensive boost around him. In addition, boosting the medic will increase both the heal and über rate. However, he is only equipped with the Umbrella, and is rather slow. With 200 health points, he should be staying behind the front lines, otherwise he can easily get killed.

In the VIP game mode, his goal is to reach the escape zone before the time runs out. His team serves as body guards escorting him while clearing out any enemies. Most of the time, his death results in time being removed, giving less time for the Civilian to reach the escape zone once he respawns. In certain maps, such as Trainyard, his death can result to an instantaneous defeat for his team, no matter how much time there was left.




As a Civilian...

  • …keep up with your teammates to have a better chance of survival.
  • …nearby teammates will be protected from damage within your morale boost's radius. You yourself however, remain excluded.
  • …hit MOUSE2 on a teammate to give them a 10 second boost of mini-crits.
  • …you're rather slow. Try your best to keep up with your teammates.
  • …your umbrella isn't very effective as a weapon. Let your teammates fight for you.
  • …you capture control points the fastest out of any other class.
  • …be sure to watch out for enemy Spies, as they're capable of killing you instantly.

Related achievements

VIP achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c win civilian nodeaths.png The Entrepreneur Win a round of VIP as the Civilian without dying once.
Tf2c heal civilian.png Loyal Servant Accumulate 15000 points from healing the Civilian.
Tf2c dominate civilian.png Restraining Order Violation Dominate the Civilian within a round of VIP.
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction Kill the Civilian as the Spy using the Damage Boost given by him.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Цивилен Civilian
English Civilian -
French Civilian -
German Civilian -
Italian Civile Civilian
Portuguese-Brazil Civilian -
Romanian Civilian -
Russian Гражданский Civilian
Spanish-Spain Civilian -


  • The Civilian originated in Team Fortress Classic, and was considered for Team Fortress 2 during it's development, but never went anywhere past very early gameplay test phases.
  • The model for the Civilian was originally made for a custom game-mode in standard Team Fortress 2 called "Hunted", before being adopted by the developers.
  • In VIP, the Civilian cannot kill himself through a kill-bind.
  • If you call for Medic, there's a chance the Civilian will say "Excuse me, I'm in need of medical attention!", which is a reference to one of the Medic lines in Team Fortress Classic.