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1.8.1 was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on February 21, 2015. It featured some additions and bug fixes. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 1.8.0 and before 1.8.2.


Added fixed pipebomb models

Added a new menu background image

Added fixed dispenser gibs (Chowder908)

Added fixed teleporter gibs (Chowder908)

Added GRN and YLW team colored sentry models (Insaneicide)

Added 4 team support to the spy disguise menu

Added the Nailgun(sic) third person anims

Fixed disguised spy appearing as another teams(sic) class to his own team members

Changed The Heavy Ordnance back to Cyclops

Changed the default wood impact decals to the unused tf2-style wood impact decals (Stachekip)

Added viewmodel offset commands (MrModez)

Added version number to the top left corner