Disguise Kit

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Disguise Kit
Backpack Disguise Kit.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot PDA
Loadout Stats

Disguise Kit

Disguise Kit

Our latest quality-of-life feature takes the stress and heartache out of identity theft. Spies in Four-Team matches can click past their color-coded disguises and equip a Global Disguise, which passes you off as an ally to every enemy who sees you, regardless of team. No more playing passive around triple-team fights, or finding space in your coat for 27 fake passports, or fat-fingering the "toggle disguise team" button and typing something deplorable in chat by accident.

Disguise Kit publicity blurb

The Disguise Kit, formally the "Spytron 3000 Disguise Kit", is the stock PDA for the Spy. It does not show up on his loadout screen. It appears to be a metallic hinged cigarette case, but actually contains an electronic disguising mechanism with a blank screen, and one team-colored button with two glowing yellow buttons. The buttons glow yellow regardless of which team the user is on. Regardless, it still contains six unusually shiny filtered cigarettes, a seventh of which the Spy constantly smokes. The cigarette paper appears white on RED and YLW, and dark brown on BLU and GRN.

The Disguise Kit allows the Spy to disguise as any player, from any class, from any team. These include RED and BLU on normal maps, and additionally GRN and YLW on four-team maps. When playing on four-team maps, he can also disguise as the unnamed 'gray' team, which shows enemy players the Spy disguised as the current team they are on. After activating the Disguise Kit, it takes 2 seconds before it is applied, during which the Spy is covered in smoke particles. These particles will follow him while he is cloaking, having the same opacity as his body. When changing disguises while disguised, it will take 0.5 seconds to apply, and no smoke particles will be visible to the enemy. The Spy cannot disguise while taunting, and taunting while disguised will remove his disguise. Pressing the attack button will bring out the Spy's last weapon.

While disguised, the Spy will appear to enemies as a random player using that class on the chosen team, with that player's current loadout and health, being forced to use the speed of the disguised class. He will wear a paper mask, visible to friendly players, with the face of the class he is disguised as. If nobody is on that class, a random name from that server is used instead. Pressing the "last disguise" button while disguised will change the disguise's equipped weapon to the slot the Spy is using. If the Spy reloads his weapon, the disguise will reload its weapon as well. Voice commands from the Spy will appear as that class's equivalent voice command to the enemy. If the user attacks with a weapon (except the Sapper) or selects the friendly Spy disguise, their current disguise will instantly disappear.

If the user presses the shift key, the Spy can walk at his normal speed, which is known as the "Spywalk". He will walk at normal speed all the time if the "Use Spywalk by default" setting (tf2c_spywalk_inverted) is enabled. He is not able to walk through enemy players or buildings, and will still take damage from them (without taking knockback or visibly being hurt) as normal. However, the Spy will be afflicted with bleed and afterburn as normal, which is a dead giveaway that he is an enemy in disguise. When the Spy dies, he will lose his disguise.

Sentry Guns cannot detect the Spy while he is disguised as their team, and he will be able to use enemy Dispensers, Teleporters, the Payload, and walk on objectives without capturing them. If the Spy becomes undisguised in front of a Sentry, it will track the Spy even when he re-disguises, which stops once he is out of the Sentry's range, hides out of its sight, or is ignored in favor of a closer target.

When taunting, the Spy has an 85% chance of flicking a cigarette onto the ground, with a 15% chance of performing a "spycrab" taunt where he imitates a crab and clicks the Disguise Kit above him. When looking upwards at an angle of 60 degrees or more, he will always perform the spycrab taunt. This makes the Disguise Kit the only weapon in the game with two taunts.


Taunt Cigarette flick
Status Effects
Effect Disguise
Effect duration Indefinite
Function Times
Activation time 2 s
0.5 s
All values are approximate.

Update history

  • Updated the Disguise Kit with GRN and YLW textures.
  • Fixed disguised Critboost for the local player
  • Ported the Concise Disguise menu.
  • Enemy Spies that are disguised as Spies will now properly appear disguised.
  • Ported concise disguise menu from live TF2.
  • Fixed disguise weapons appearing with a wrong team color.
  • Fixed disguised Spies using a wrong skin in certain cases.
  • Fixed certain teams in 4-team mode hearing disguised spies speaking in their normal voice and not as their disguise class.
  • Updated the Spy’s mask textures to be consistent with the 10 classes.
  • Improved the Spy’s PDA aimmatrices when crouched. (Spycrabbing has been left untouched.)


  • Fixed Spywalk not being applied clientside
  • Fixed lastdisguise to now remember enemy vs. ally disguise, rather than absolute team color


  • Added Global Disguises available on Four-Team maps, allowing you to appear friendly to all enemy teams
  • The Engineer build and Spy disguise HUD elements are now consistent with one another
  • The Engineer build and Spy disguise HUD elements for controllers have been overhauled
  • Added the tf2c_spywalk_inverted convar, which sets Spywalk (moving at Spy's regular speed while disguised as slower classes) as the default behavior, with +SPEED (Spywalk bind) imitating your disguise's speed


  • Fixed global disguise class portraits on the HUD displaying blue team’s ones instead when cloaked
  • Fixed missing particle when landing from a jump pad as a global disguise spy(sic)


  • Added a Spywalk indicator on the Disguise HUD (enabled via tf2c_spywalk_hud, enabled by default)


  • Fixed crash regarding Spywalk indicator elements missing on custom HUDs


  • The Spy can disguise as the Civilian if the server is using the command tf2c_allow_special_classes 2, but he will not appear in the disguise menu. The player must instead use the command disguise 10 -1.
  • When doing the cigarette flick taunt, the Spy will appear to flick his lit cigarette onto himself, then flick an unlit cigarette into the world once it has disappeared.
  • The Disguise Kit has an unused third-person animation for pressing a button. If pda_click is entered into the console, it will activate this animation.

Comparison from Team Fortress 2

  • The Spywalk and Global Disguise feature are TF2 Classic exclusives.
  • When compared to live TF2, the cigarette flick taunt on TF2 Classic has 5% less probability of triggering (from 90% to 85%), while the spycrab has 5% more (from 10% to 15%). The latter taunt's activation by pressing the taunt key while looking up is a Classic-exclusive feature.
  • Classic now has a unique Disguise Kit model for the BLU Spy, in which the cigarette holding inside of it appears with a dark brown wrapping paper.