Hydro (Domination)

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Hydro (Domination)
Dom hydro.jpg
Basic Information
Map type Domination (Four-Team)
File name dom_hydro

Map info
Environment Industrial
Setting Night

The four key worksites at Alpha Electric's hydro power plant have been divvied up between the four teams, each with an easy-access control point to call its own. Each team should have an easy time holding its own point, but with the score always so close, losing your home point for even a few seconds can be devastating.

Death & Taxes update page

Hydro is an official Domination map released in the Death & Taxes update as a variation of Hydro (Territorial Control). It's set in an industrial environment surrounded by power plants and warehouses, with the teams wrestling for control of the map's four control points, all of which start neutral at equal distance from the team's spawns.

Update history

  • Overhauled lighting across the map, now featuring a new sunset setting, achieved with light_directional
  • Overhauled the appearance of water across the map, now featuring the new WaterFlow shader
  • Added Parallax Correction to cubemaps in some indoor areas
  • Many smaller clipping changes and visual fixes across the map


  • Before the 2.0.0 update, Hydro was a Four-Team Control Points map, where the objective was to capture every single point at once, without letting the other teams do the same. This was proven to be a bad idea, since matches would last for hours.