Furnace Creek

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Furnace Creek
Furnace creek.jpg
Basic Information
Map type Attack / Defense
File name cp_furnace_rc
Release date 2009
Developer(s) YM
Map info
Environment Arid desert
Setting Sunset

The villains at Reliable Excavation Demolition have a new idea on how to demolish their enemies. It's the Solar Laser Unbuilding Gun, or S.L.U.G., a solar powered laser capable of destroying pretty much anything. Builders League United is determined to stop them.

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Furnace Creek is a community-created Gravel Pit-styled Attack / Defense map.

Once the BLU team has captured a point, it is locked and can not be retaken by RED. There are three control points, A and B, which are accessible from BLU's base, and C, where RED's spawn is located, requires players to pass through either point A or B to reach.

Furnace Creek features a custom desert environment built around the orange sunset sky. Smaller details such as new cacti and a dried, cracked ground texture add to its separation from other desert themed maps.

The "Solar Laser Unbuilding Gun", or S.L.U.G., is a custom spytech weapon which RED has mounted on top of the tower at point C. Power is fed to the S.L.U.G. by the field of heliostats in the parabolic solar array behind RED's spawn. The S.L.U.G. reaches maximum power at sunset, so BLU must stop RED from firing the S.L.U.G. by capturing the final point before the time runs out.

Update history

Beta 4
  • Increased overall spawn times.
  • Reworked tunnel from C to A to open closer to the capture building.
  • Added an extension in a tunnel from C to B to facilitate a forward base from blu.
  • Added an extra set of stairs up to the point at A.
  • Added oil drums for cover on B.
  • Increased length of RED's spawn exits and changed glass to wood.
  • Increased number of signs.
  • Fixed minor playerclipping issues.
  • Player ragdolls now ignite upon death by solar-array-energy-beam
  • Added 5 hidden rubber duckies.

Beta 3

  • Reduced height of the tower dramatically.
  • Moved crane on the B building out of the way of rooftop players.
  • Increased the height of the ceiling playerclip at C.
  • Greatly improved playerclipping.
  • Increased danger of straying in the focus of the mirror array.
  • Detailing improvements over entire map.
  • Increased distance between cap point A building and the rear cliff.
  • Slightly adjusted spawn timers and capture time at C.
  • Added team ownership based spectator cameras.
  • Slightly decreased intensity of sun glare and slightly increased light levels.
  • Fixed soundscapes.
  • Miscellaneous other tweaks.

Beta 2

  • Fixed scoring method, thus fixing tournament mode.
  • Fixed .res file containing incorrect information.

Beta 1

  • Detailed the entire map.
  • Changed indoor stairs to cap C for improved ease of use.
  • Slightly adjusted cap times and respawn wave times.
  • Incorporated custom models from Snipergen and a texture from Void.
  • Updated menu photos and created a quicklist thumbnail and accompanying .res file for servers.
  • Implemented lightmap grid optimisation.
  • Minor miscellaneous other changes.

Alpha 3

  • Adjusted spawn timers slightly to aid balance.
  • Upped capture times to aid defendability.
  • Moved red spawn slightly further backwards.
  • Added glass into windows at one entrance to C from A.
  • Added cover to one entrance to C from B.

Alpha 2

  • Renamed capture C to C
  • Increased lighting in all indoor areas.
  • Added more health over entire map.
  • Increased cap times to closer to Gravelpit's (A/B longer, C faster).
  • Unified red's spawn into one building and move it slightly further from C.
  • Enlarged entire C area, making the building more open.
  • Extended B building slightly providing more space inside and underneath as well as opening up the windows to allow shooting in/out easier.
  • Opened up B's roof to be rocket jumped onto.
  • Adjusted spawntimes so red take slightly longer and blu slightly less.
  • Added A B and C indicators on HUD.
  • Slightly shrunk the A arena.
  • Reworked paths between points slightly.
  • Moved blue's spawn so that (with only one door) they can see both exits.

Alpha 1

  • Initial release.


  • Rocket or sticky jumping in front of power core at the C tower will ignite and kill the player.
  • If less than a minute remains as RED is defending, the laser at C opens up. If RED wins, it fires into the sky.
  • There are 7 rubber ducks hidden in the map, a recurring theme in YM's maps, such as Mann Manor in live Team Fortress 2.
  • Furnace Creek is a census-designated place in California, notable for having the highest recorded air temperature on Earth at 134 °F (56.7 °C).