Gravel Pit

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Gravel Pit
Basic Information
Map type Attack / Defense
File name cp_gravelpit
Release date 2007
Developer(s) Valve
Map info
Environment Industrial
Setting Daylight, overcast

Gravel Pit is an official pyramid-style Attack / Defense map.

The map takes place on an industrial gravel quarry where large spytech structures, such as a radar dish and laser gun, are disguised as old rustic buildings.

The map has three control points, with points A and B being available to capture at the start of the round. Once BLU has captured both points, point C will become available.


  • Dustbowl and Gravel Pit were the first Attack / Defense maps for Team Fortress 2 and one of the six maps included on the game's initial release.
  • Most of Meet the Demoman takes places on various areas of Gravel Pit.
  • Gravel Pit shares its "pyramid-style" point layout with Junction and Furnace Creek.