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Pl upward.webp
Basic Information
Map type Payload
File name pl_upward
Release date December 26, 2015
(2.0.0 (BETA 2))
Developer(s) Valve
Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Day

Upward is an official Payload map, set on a desert mountaintop with a winding track around a mining settlement in the middle of the ocean. The last point and the first point are physically close to each other, separated by spiralling walls.

Mineside was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic in December 26, 2015, in 2.0.0 (BETA 2). It was created by Valve, and was prior added to Team Fortress 2 on July 8, 2010.



Upward Overview.webp

Point A

BLU spawns in a horizontally large interior with one exit directly behind the Payload, and two other exits in front of and to the side of it. Point A is set in a low point between a shack and a cliffside, with the track passing through a narrow channel carved out of the rock.

Point B

RED team initially spawns in a shack behind Point B. The track goes a narrow tunnel underground, with both teams having the opportunity to battle above it. The RED forward spawn changes to a BLU forward spawn when Point C is captured.

Point C

A forward spawn for BLU appears available when Point B is captured, which pushes RED to their final spawn. The point is at the end of a spiral track built precariously above a cliff, with two ramps that must be pushed up entirely.

Point D

The former RED forward spawn turns into BLU's final spawn when Point C is captured. The point is inside RED's large interior base, with the track going through a chokepoint surrounded on all sides above and below. There are numerous paths leading into and around the base, but few next to the cart. Pushing the bomb into the big pit below creates a large and satisfying explosion for BLU (not pictured).

Update history

2.0.0 (BETA 2)
  • Added pl_upward


  • Added pl_upward (again)


  • Updated select stock maps to improve clipping, fix exploits, and improve visuals


  • Disabled collision on some scaffolding that's above the intended playspace, and could be used as a vantage point


  • Fix exploit where you could build teleporters in RED's final spawn
  • Fix some pixelwalks and minor clipping issues across the map
  • Reduce map size from 36MiB to 11MiB